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profile and want to meet many different people. As far as being attractive I found both sites have attractive people. In my experience it was best to be picky in what you are looking for and not settle because there are too many people on the sites to choose from. So set your expectations high to begin with in your profile and you will see better results for what you are looking for. Reviewed www AdultFrindFinder com on a suspended account. It’s to me like a gas station keeping you credit card number forever and “Oh we put it in the safe, you can trust us” They are always about the money, and advertising thereafter. Trust yourself if you think it sounds bad. Lets consider the fact that they want XX dollars, no less than double digit, for a computer system to regurgitate “results” at you which nothing www AdultFrindFinder com and energy. Slow and boring process, makes you not wanna date anymore. I put a 100 miles search radius, I get matches from all over United States. You would think for the amount money you pay, you’ll get at least profiles with checked IDs, I believe if I’m paying to have the checked ID “feature” on my profile, I should be only getting matches with checked IDs. I sometimes get matches with www AdultFrindFinder com to someone for a while, they seem to disappear. I had a rejection from a guy who said “there is too much of an age difference”. Funny since it was only 2 years. However, he was willing to date someone 15 years younger than him and up to 2 years younger but since I was 2 years OLDER, we couldn’t be compatible. All in all I have found Yahoo to be full of a bunch of picky men who lie about www AdultFrindFinder com and it’s better to meet people in person out and about Reviewed By random NYC Sex Male Rating ***** Date November 15, 2006 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals Oh man. So after reading DoctorPhil’s disappointed drivel and responding to it on the Match, lavalife and EH reviews he’s HERE too?! MAN this guy got shot down on every single major dating site out there (I haven’t even bothered to read