you’d get a better experience, but from your categorically cheap outlook, chances are women won’t want to date you anyway. Reviewed By Wake UP! anywhere Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 12, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony Shills often write reviews for these websites, so I would need to give a negative 100-star rating to be completely fair and even out the rating to where it should be. www.AdultFrien weekend, or have had friends sign them up. None of them are serious to be on the eHarmony site and none of them are really on there to meet someone. The ones that I was able to communicate were only on there to meet new people, and when it came to the point that you were willing to meet they dropped you like a bad habit and closed your profile from any future conversations. So where is the www.AdultFrien don’t even get on the site anymore. Or they were sending me profiles of people that lived 7 hours away when I truly put that I wanted to have matches that lived within 100 miles of me. I am not a beauty queen but at least when I’ve tried other dating sites guys have contacted me or responded to my questions. I can’t believe I’ve wasted so much time and energy into this stupid site. Beware www.AdultFrien to link this site to it’s homepage. At this point, Yahoo can say: “Look at Yahoo personals, we’re better than the rest at helping our members find a successful relationship.” Truthfully, the real winner will be the webmaster of this site. He can increase what he gets for ad revenue. If this is the case the webmaster is going to delete this review, and Sandi is going to write a bunch more www.AdultFrien else. Hopefully, someone as narcissistic and possibly antisocial as himself, will actually travel to Russia and stay there. We have enough narcissists in the US…we are a culture of narcissism and he seems to fit the bill. I’m so very happy that I have decided not to try internet dating because if this is representative of what is out there, then I’ve saved myself the heartache of having