where you can search and contact freely; chances are guys won’t get a lot of responses back. I’ve went on about 10 dates with women I met on eHarmony over the span of about 2.5 months with varying success. I can’t blame eHarmony for the members actions. I paid for opportunities to meet single attractive women, and eHarmony provided just that. “Wake Up”, maybe if you actually TRIED eHarmony, www.AdultFrenFinder.com will admit though I have talked to 3 girls since on here, and yes only 3 girls out of 7 matches a day for three months. All three seemed sweet. However, the ones that I was really interested in that seemed cool through their pictures and profiles have yet to respond do anything. Which goes to show, that 90% or so of the people on there are no longer on there, have only signed up for a free www.AdultFrenFinder.com a lot of them were a fit. But then I emailed a bunch of them and didn’t hear back from a single one. Heck I even contacted some not so attractive ones and they didn’t even respond! Or like other people have said I would start talking to someone, it seemed like things were going well, and then all of a sudden I didn’t hear from them again. I truly believe these profiles are fake or the people www.AdultFrenFinder.com know that liars can’t wait to defend themselves. Also, you didn’t give Yahoo a 5 star review, rather you gave it a 4 star in hopes that we’d shut up and Yahoo can carry on with it’s plans. … What are Yahoo’s plans? Yahoo plans are to write a bunch of good reviews on this website. Once there are enough good reviews of YP and the rating of Yahoo personals is at a respectable 3/5, Yahoo plans www.AdultFrenFinder.com he has, like Springer, made me feel a whole heck of a lot better about myself. Even if I strike out on the site I eventually choose – at least I’m not “that guy”. Reviewed By shocked & dismayed California Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 14, 2006 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals Wow, Dr. Phil has to be joking, or if not, thank god the poor Russian woman has him, for the sake of everyone