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They even admitted to sending out “Deadwood”. They named it that. After you unsubscribe they send you e-mails saying there are 5 men waiting to hear back from you. Then you pay and sign up again, answer the ads and NOTHING. I called them on it and they admitted to the practice of enticing members back with non subscribing ex members. That needs to be exposed. They are without scruples! Be www Adult Frend Finder had to stop!!! Shame on all of them!!! Reviewed By Finn USA Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 20, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony Dear Thank you for your inquiry regarding the removal of your personal information from eHarmony. I regret to hear of your concern regarding the storage of your credit card and personal information. Please be assured your information is completely secure and will www Adult Frend Finder I filled out 30 minutes of questionanires, then was told that there were no suitable matches within 50 miles of me. Thanks. I couldn’t make further use of the site because it wouldn’t let me change my preferences by redoing the questionnaire. Now I can’t even unsubscribe to their semi-monthly emails because they claim they don’t have my email address in their system. I can’t contact them www Adult Frend Finder few early replies and stated chatting with a few guys but most of them “disappeared” after a few times. However, I began talking to one guy who I seemed to hit it off with. In less than a week of membership we met, I felt I was getting off to a good start. Our date was good and unlike most of my dates that ended after coffee,this one turned into lunch and good conversation. I made myself www Adult Frend Finder case in one review, but instead he STALKS around just as he will the women on the dating websites. Notice how he works, all of you, so you can avoid his kind. Not surprisingly, Random is from NYC which is the homebase for loonies, not from some place on the prairies. NOBODY OUT THERE, you idiot. Random is from headcase central, USA. No doubt he is a headcase himself. I give stalking losers