to meet someone who was ALREADY in my town??? I don’t know. Be careful with some of those matches…they can be as much pigs as meeting someone in a bar. Reviewed By dayle oregon Sex Female Rating ***** Date February 13, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony I have joined E-harmony for the last time last year. As a woman I have no problem paying for something I feel is worth it. E-harmony is a scam. sdultFriendFinder dating web site that gobbled up by money hungry people in cyber space. Don’t let them auto-renew your subscription to scam you again…, go to “My Setting -> Account Setting -> Cancel Account -> …” to terminate your account. Save your cancellation paper and snapshots just in case, they may illegally charge you again, the other site did that to me, I then, shown them the paper, then, they finally sdultFriendFinder but a man has to have a decent appearance and a lot more substance. As I see it, why should I have to pay to get disappointed when I can meet the wrong men for free. As for the ones who were successful at finding “the one”, good for you. I’m not hating; I wish you much happiness. Reviewed By Vanessa Velour Roseville, CA Sex Male Rating ***** Date November 12, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony sdultFriendFinder after running out of people to contact on Match. I wasn’t happy with Match but blame myself partly because I didn’t take it seriously at first and passed on some good early contacts. After being on it for a year and seeing the same men on it, even though they portrayed themselves as real catches, I decided to try another service. I made my profile, paid my membership, and waited. I got a sdultFriendFinder from. Not enough bad can be said about online dating, especialy the sites that charge, because it’s only about money to those people. More alarming is people like Random who will follow a person around on a review site like this and shoot down individual reviewers. I am familiar with stalkers in online dating, and Random shows all the tendencies of those percerts. He could have stated his