Now, I know the site is free but you know that a stupid pysco girlfriend with an STD is free as well! I lasted about 2 days on POF. There just wern’t any members worth contacting. I think I saw one women who seemed normal, but she had a really bad haircut. In fact, her haircut was so awful it made her look 45yo and she was only 29yo, a huge turn-off. What’s even worse… The very first time AdutFriendFinder By Renee Port Richey , Flori Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 21, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony E-Harmony….well I think the idea of matching on compatibility is a great idea, however my matches were either married, convicts or did not respond. When I called their contact center. I was informed that it could take up to 3 months to be matched with someone and I should allow at least 2 weeks AdutFriendFinder our initial phone conversation he started texting everyday saying he how eager he was to speak to me again. He then claimed he was going on vacation for 10 days then, poof no more communications. I believe eharmony uses this gimmick to keep you on the site looking for a perfect match. I have also been matched with several men with completely different interests other than my own. I am considered AdutFriendFinder put the fake profiles on there. Reviewed By K A R Pennsylvania Sex Female Rating ***** Date March 24, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals I met a very nice guy on Yahoo personals quite a while ago. We talked over email for a month or so then we decided to meet. We found out we have a lot more in common and the yahoo rating system was exactly correct and we are a perfect match. It turns AdutFriendFinder this type of thing. If they dont wink back, or dont respond, maybe its because they have not checked it lately, or maybe they have 4 kids, or are taking care of an elderly parent, we never know… we can only assume. Those that are serious and honest will usually write back something. Those that have more on their plate or who are not usually interested in your profile will not. But that

Adut Friend Finder

life together. In most of the profiles I saw on that site, you’d see at least 2 pictures of that member holding up a bottle of beer. Also, I don’t know how many profiles I read that had really bad spelling and horrible grammer. Finally, I had seen quite a few women on POF who are emotional basketcases, you know…. the type that says, I want this, I want that, men shouldn’t be that way. Adut Friend Finder looking for. A couple are regulars on several other dating sites and have been for a long time. Guys looking to hook up for fun and sex, not a relationship. I know one socially. He drinks too much, and every time I see him, he’s with a different woman. A definite player. So—I can’t really recommend the site to anyone based on my experience. I’ve learned to love my single life. Reviewed Adut Friend Finder I feel like I have completely waisted my money trying this site. I also have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with fake profiles. I sincerely believe the last person I communicated with actually worked for e harmony! We had so much in common in the beginning I believed it was a fake match. I should have went with my instincts. We sent communications several times daily. Then after Adut Friend Finder come here and tell us the people online suck. Reviewed By Brian California Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 27, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals I suspect Yahoo and/or spammers probably put far more fake profiles of women than men on there. It is probably worse in my area because I am near LA. There are a lot of foreign dating services in LA and Beverly Hills who might pay Yahoo to Adut Friend Finder charater, which leads me to the profile. Sometimes when people start profiles, they are all gung ho about trying this love on the internet, after no responses themselves, they are sometimes no longer interested and move on to bigger and better things. Also, keep in mind that many people come to online dating because they have such abusy schedule and hectic life, and that is why they chose

Adulty Friend Finder

eHarmony First month I got about 25 matches then each week thereafter got about 1-2 matches Can’t meet anyone thay way. Did not feel I had much in common with my matches I have alot going for me in that I am attractive, in good health, have my own home, treat people well. HOwever I found many of the men lacking in honesty on their profiles. Why lie the truth does come out Reviewed By Cooper Adulty Friend Finder By mike south carolina Sex Male Rating ***** Date May 23, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony This site is a joke!!! 85% of the 80+ matches I’ve been sent so far are inactive members. How do I know this? A person cannot close a match unless they are an active member. I close matches that I’m not interested in, and an active member would also close the match because there is no reason not to- once Adulty Friend Finder never hear from anyone. Obviously they are using clients who are no longer on their site. This makes no sense, why mislead customers. Yes, of course, they just want you money! The other issue is that the matches are not from locations that you have listed on your profile or matches that don’t fit your profile. I am a non-drinking, avid reader so they even send me a match who never reads Adulty Friend Finder If you’re a woman who’s failed on these dating sites the reason’s in the mirror. The reason you had to sign up to in the first place is because you don’t have any idea as how to attract a man. Then your poor courting skills and bizzar expectations shined through in your emails, profile, and phone conversations. Let’s face it, if your goal is to date the elite 2%, then your dating Adulty Friend Finder i do learn from my mistakes, i decided to be a little smarter about it this time around. Yes, there are alot of men who just” wanna get laid”, and are looking for a one night stand, its unfortuante for those that are really searching for someone that they can be compatible with. Its not that the personals dont work, yes they could improve their websites by extending the “free” period, because

Adultt Friend Finder

are “thinking about” buying a camper shell for their truck; who supposedly have a degree from where? won’t say; who do illegal drugs and practice “zen.” Get it? Not Zen, “zen.” Where does this end? I paid almost $300 to take tests & expect responsible replies only!! My humble opinion offered here. Reviewed By disappointed florida Sex Female Rating ***** Date February 24, 2007 permalink Visit Adultt Friend Finder said, I sent an email to eHarmony’s “help” center to see if they would do anything about it. My answer??? nothing, nada, no comment, no reply! I plan to send a letter to them and copies of both my email, this review and my letter to the BBB, the FCC and maybe I will see if all these complaints could make the news. Am I dreaming? EHarmony is a rip-off. Zero stars from an angry consumer. Reviewed Adultt Friend Finder is no “0” rating for eharmony. They catch your interest by sending you matches through your email. You get excited thinking that you have finally been matched by eharmony. However, in order to view these matches and start a conversation, you must become a member. You say to yourself, hmmm, not a problem, I shall join. Once joining, you try to contact all the matches they send you only to Adultt Friend Finder insults. I suppose these are folks that have been burned on these dating sites. Look at the review on the page from 03/30/07. If you Spend a few days reading through this site you’ll find a few more of these ‘holier than thou’ reviews. If you’re mad about your own lack of success on or yahoo don’t take it out on others. Try to figure out why you failed in the first place. Adultt Friend Finder really know, you can tell alot about someone in the first 15 minutes of talking to them by asking alot of questions.. If i was smarter, my dumb ass would have saved myself, alot of heartache. Second off, after a year hiatus, i decided to try at love again.. I tried Yahoo personals just to actually meet people, I was scared to get involved again, and i was very hesitant to dating again, since


the idea of psychologically matched dating; it just makes sense. No trolling wanted here. I am a professional woman who joined eHarmony in all sincerity. I am employed, own a home, have a responsible past, no children at home, and honestly am above average in intellect, have a graduate degree, etc. I have been “matched” with guys (all in one match): who have no job; are in legal trouble, AdultsFriendsFinders that I needed to use a credit card. The next thing I know, I’m being charged almost $20 a month for three months. That’s quite deceiving. I read eHarmony’s refund policy and they do not refund nor stop charging until the subscription expires. I hope that will be the end of it, but from the other complaints I have read, I believe I will have to put a stop payment on my card. So with that AdultsFriendsFinders questionaire I completed…..big joke……big waste of time and money. When you think about it , if eharmony truly matches you with that special someone… they are out of the monthly fee that you pay….it just dosen’t benefit them to match you too soon or at all !!! Reviewed By KAREN NEW JERSEY Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 26, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony Unfortunately, there AdultsFriendsFinders Rating ***** Date April 01, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals ROFLMAO, I guess Yahoo ran out of lackies to post the 5 star reviews. There will probably be a few random 5-Star reviews in the future, I’m sure. It’s still sad to see that Yahoo could only find a hundred and fifty people who are willing to post on their behalf. This site has a few random people who like to post garbage and AdultsFriendsFinders He freaked out and then broke up with me by cheating( i later found out by putting spyware on my computer) and to top it all off, hes in the closet about being gay… So anyways.. needless to say, hes worse than the scum in the bottom of the cess pool, and my advice to anyone who does do long distance dating….. dont give up your life or your family, kids and friends for someone you dont


where you can start talking to someone in the morning and be under the sheets by that evening, but they usually have the same women listed. It’s just more expensive and you have to wait a few days by going through all the must haves/can’t stands, etc. before you can talk and hook-up. Reviewed By Cindy California Sex Female Rating ***** Date February 24, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony I like AdultsFriendsFinder with still have not communicated back and it’s been since March that I opened communication with about 10 matches. I believe they send plenty of matches from people who haven’t actually subscribed and cannot respond without subscribing. I know this because eHarmony advertises that you can look at your matches for free. I subscribed to eHarmony on a “free communication” weekend and discovered AdultsFriendsFinder Lily Louisiana Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 26, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony Star is hardly the rating I would give this site, more like a big zero. I recieve about three matches a week , most without pictures. The matches with pictures reflect a life style that is not one in which I would be interested . What amazes me is that these matches are suppose to be indicative of a the AdultsFriendsFinder on March 24, 2007, 6 months from our first date. We are definitly compatible and have alot in common. We are Soulmates, and we would have never found each other if it wasn’t for Yahoo Personals. Thank You so much and we recommend your service to everyone. If you want to see photos of us go to – We are very Greatful for this service. Reviewed By Halo Westcoast Sex Male AdultsFriendsFinder up to yahoo dating 3 weeks after i moved in!! ( mind you, this was not something i rushed into) he made many promises to me and my child, and lied about everyone of them. He was a single bachelor, never been married, never wanted to be married, didnt have kids, and i later on found out, he didnt want them either. We were living together for a year when i asked him for an actual committment!

Adults Friend Finder

this is a common problem. The lack of responsive matches left me feeling used and abused by a site that promised the opposite. Reviewed By Doug New Jersey Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 26, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony eHarmony isn’t too bad. I’ve been on it now about six months and I’ve scored about once a month on average. It’s a bit more cumbersome than Yahoo personals and Match Adults Friend Finder Visit eHarmony I would rather give eHarmony no stars. That is how unhappy I am with them. I have had very few matches and have kept my options as broad as I felt necessary for what I wanted. I began getting people who lived in other states and people who absolutely did not fit what I wanted in a match. Then, for over a month, I received nothing. Moreover, the matches I tried to communicate Adults Friend Finder think I was set up to join too. I had somebody contact me several days in a row with questions and an ice breaker, of course you can’t see anything unless you join! So I finally did and then nothing! After days of trying to get a response from me I seriously doubt the validity of all of it. I wish I had read the reviews first and checked it out better, what a waste of money! Reviewed By Adults Friend Finder about how we met. One month after we met Mark asked me to marry him and I accepted his proposal. We are both in our late 40’s but we feel like teenagers again because we are so deeply and passionately In Love. We have both been married and divorced and learned alot from our past relationships. We feel that we both have been given a second chance for happiness. We are engaged to be married Adults Friend Finder but someone to talk to. I received an instant message from someone who “appeared” to be honest, and sincere. After i got a divorce, we kept in touch for several years and we ended up in a relationship. The bad part was that i didnt really know this person i thought i did, even after 3 years of long emails, phone calls and visiting back and forth. Here we were living together,and he had signed

Adultr Friend Finder

communication in any manner. This company clearly lures singles in, reneges on its claims, and demonstrates a complete lack of professional business ethics. Do not waste your money on this sham. Reviewed By Terri L. Walker Sex Female Rating ***** Date February 28, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony EHarmony is a fraud! the matches are not actual matches beyond non-smoker/non-drinker during my Adultr Friend Finder children? Moreover, since women are the primary caretakers of small children, this policy unfairly penalizes them. While they have to “own up” to their status as mothers, absentee fathers just get to skate under the radar. You can be corresponding with a guy for weeks without knowing that he has five kids–because they all live elsewhere. And what’s with all the way-older men? Well, apparently Adultr Friend Finder looking guy by any means, have impeccable manners, well put, so I’m not really too bad. After a few hundred wasted $, I decided to quit. So, a couple of days BEFORE my membership is due for renewal, I receive a message that my membership was renewed and they charged me!! I was more than slightly upset, let me tell you. Canceled my membership immediately. I’m just waiting for expiry. And Adultr Friend Finder I was about to give up when a friend told me about Yahoo Personals. The first day I signed up I did a reverse search, Looking for someone who wanted to meet someone like me and Mark’s profile came up. I emailed him and he wrote me back saying that he liked my profile, we emailed each other and talked on the phone for a couple of days, then we decided to meet in person. We met at a local Adultr Friend Finder a 20 year marriage. I’m a single-parent of 8 children (3 non-biological), twice divorcee. I came into the site a hopeful romantic with some issues of low self-esteem of being a single-parent of so many children; however, I knew if the man allowed me the time to explain how I came to have so many children and they met me, they would love me and it happened. Our wedding date is August of 2007.


have sent two letters via their web forms indicating if they do not get in touch with me I will report them to the Better Business Bureau, contact my bank to inform them I had money taken directly from my account without my permission, then contact my lawyer. Even after having to go to these extremes eHarmony has in now way, shape, or form, thought it necessary to respond to my attempted AdulthFriendFinder “living in the home.” What the hell is with this? It’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard. It’s as though a child living in his “mother’s home” doesn’t exist or something, or that once a child turns eighteen he or she no longer counts. “Oh, I don’t mind the fact that he has kids–because they don’t live in the home and/or are over eighteen.” Huh? Does that mean they don’t count as real AdulthFriendFinder got curious. Contacted her. She sent me questions. I answered and sent mine. No reply. Ever. That’s how my potential date with Jessica Simpson ended up. At the end – some 2,000 (!) “matches” in a year. I contacted 50 at best. I was totally grossed out with some 50 that contacted me. Communicated maybe with 15 and met only with 3-4 to find out that we have nothing in common. And I’m not bad AdulthFriendFinder don’t think the people who run these dating sites are smart enough use this information to maximize their profits. Reviewed By Cherissa Boyd Winnetka, Ca Sex Female Rating ***** Date April 11, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals I tried online dating for a couple of months with other sites, and I was very nervous after having a few bad experiences and just getting out of an 11 year relationship. AdulthFriendFinder to me. I view Yahoo as an avenue to meet people quickly who one might not ever run into, if one does not do the club scenes or other social functions. I’m a homebody and my experience was absolutely awesome. I met my fiance 11/2005 on Yahoo Personals, we started dating each other exclusively 12/2005 and by June of 2006 he proposed to me. My fiance is a one time divorcee of 2 children from


eHarmony having been swayed by their commercials only to find that after all the work filling out the surveys it only found 14 matches for me and 13 of them were between 150 and 400 miles away. This left me somewhat frustrated as I’d spent $60 to sign up and clearly specified in my profile I was looking for someone within 30 miles–I am not looking for a long distance relationship! Once Adultfunder and told them I wanted my money back because their service is so inadequate–too many inactive, empty profiles (no pics, one-word bios–all the hallmarks of a “free weekend” tourist), and no one within my area. They told me I need to do more “flexible matching”–and that my matches ARE active members (BS–active doesn’t mean paying). Then they turned around and dumped about ten new matches Adultfunder I’m in! When I was setting up the selection criteria, there is nothing about looks, like body type. Nothing about interests and other stuff that’s important to me! Now, about usability of the site itself: it’s by far the worst I’ve been to. As others pointed out, there is no quick search function. It takes forever to go through the “matches” and close them. And what about “matches”? The Adultfunder section of this website. You have 2 people calling eachother names over the subject of foreign women. They might as well take their arguement to another website. On another subject, I had read that slightly more women use the internet than men. The article I read said women use the internet to complete tasks and find information, and men use the internet to entertain themselves. You can Adultfunder with children does not make one unlovable or not in the need or desire of wanting to be loved and to give love. I appreciate Yahoo personals being that I have met my soulmate there and we have set our wedding date for August of 2007. Yahoo allows people the freedom to share whatever they want about their personal lives. I always mentioned that I had 8 children with 5 at home. I spoke the