to meet someone who was ALREADY in my town??? I don’t know. Be careful with some of those matches…they can be as much pigs as meeting someone in a bar. Reviewed By dayle oregon Sex Female Rating ***** Date February 13, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony I have joined E-harmony for the last time last year. As a woman I have no problem paying for something I feel is worth it. E-harmony is a scam. sdultFriendFinder dating web site that gobbled up by money hungry people in cyber space. Don’t let them auto-renew your subscription to scam you again…, go to “My Setting -> Account Setting -> Cancel Account -> …” to terminate your account. Save your cancellation paper and snapshots just in case, they may illegally charge you again, the other site did that to me, I then, shown them the paper, then, they finally sdultFriendFinder but a man has to have a decent appearance and a lot more substance. As I see it, why should I have to pay to get disappointed when I can meet the wrong men for free. As for the ones who were successful at finding “the one”, good for you. I’m not hating; I wish you much happiness. Reviewed By Vanessa Velour Roseville, CA Sex Male Rating ***** Date November 12, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony sdultFriendFinder after running out of people to contact on Match. I wasn’t happy with Match but blame myself partly because I didn’t take it seriously at first and passed on some good early contacts. After being on it for a year and seeing the same men on it, even though they portrayed themselves as real catches, I decided to try another service. I made my profile, paid my membership, and waited. I got a sdultFriendFinder from. Not enough bad can be said about online dating, especialy the sites that charge, because it’s only about money to those people. More alarming is people like Random who will follow a person around on a review site like this and shoot down individual reviewers. I am familiar with stalkers in online dating, and Random shows all the tendencies of those percerts. He could have stated his

dult match maker

decide on which ones you want to send a communication to (for the man). Women, just wait to see who sends you something. And have the manner to at least close it if you’r not interested. Women should also wait 24 hours to respond. I become suspicious if they respond back too quickly. Don’t expect too much and you won’t be disappointed. Reviewed By Dani CA Sex Female Rating ***** Date February dult match maker I’d like so I hit them up, and I get a response on the average of one per month. That’s about 1 out of 224 matches. And that one match can’t actually speak English that well. I still go back, because, even though it’s not science, I figure on the laws of probability.. there are like twenty billion women in the world and only one right for me, so chances are they aren’t on eHarmony, but I dult match maker By Donna Florida Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 12, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony If I was able to give this joke of a dating Web site a zero rating I would. The men I did communicate with were disappointments. There was one man who I communicate with around three or four times disappeared. This is the same man who wanted to know all about me, and he was also telling me about himself. dult match maker writing crap on this forum will get you nowhere. Yahoo personals gets 1 star from me, because, John, your “review” doesn’t count. Reviewed By John Dallas, Tx Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 15, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals I signed up with yahoo personals keeping an open mind, And most of all keeping it real, What i mean by that is, My profile was completly accurate and true, I dult match maker My favorites are the gentleman you contact and they respond with “I’ve met someone I’ve clicked with and want to pursue that”. My first thought is “then why are you still looking at the profiles?” Poor girl he clicked with. It’s a very up and down thing to deal with. Be prepared to be out there for a very long time because unfortunately I think most of the men are looking for that trophy


14, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony Ah what to say about the infamous eHarmony. First and foremost it’s a nice IDEA…but it doesn’t really work. Me I wasted $250.00 (yeah that’s a LOT for me) on that site…and got FIVE matches that I actually wanted to go out and meet in person. I think the whole ’29’ dimensions is BS personally…they match you by gender and what you pick as ‘interests’ dultFriendFinder figure I should at least try. It’s my fault if I can’t judge someone’s character or I can’t make it work or if I can’t display enough confidence to attract a woman. There is the crazy factor, yes, but that’s the same as you meet a crazy person in a bar. Do you blame that bar? I say, eHarmony is no better or worse than any other acceptable method of finding a relationship. 3 Stars for just dultFriendFinder He really came across as intelligent and sincere. He said he was a university administrator; yeah right. It makes you wonder if people lie about their occupation as well as who they are. I had this other gentleman who would call me every day. Then, he does a 180 degree turn on me. One evening, I was returning his phone call, I would constantly get his voicemail. Then, when we did talk, I dultFriendFinder had saved a profile of a lady that really caught my eye and interest the very first week i had signed up with yahoo personals, I sent her an e-mail, we began corresponding through e-mail only, I went on some dates, Aswell as did she, We would actually tell each other about our dates we had went on, Some five weeks after her and i just corresponding by e-mail, We decided to meet each other dultFriendFinder wife which they either don’t have now or never had. And no offense, by the looks of these men, they better start posting better pictures and writing a profile that you can actually read without a deciphering tool. Example: i like to swim, jump of moutians and enjy my hildren. What?????? And why do they all want to jump off mountains? I’m still out there I think because I’ve taken the attitude


there is an overwhelming number of black women on eHarmony in the Atlanta market. I initiate communication. Always concerns me when the woman sends the first communication. Will use “Pursuing another relationship” when I want to close a match. I don’t think eHarmony does a good job in making the match. I get all kinds. There’s no consistent pattern. I do see a lot of teachers & nurses. A AultFriendFinder ourselves, and we’re always disappointed in humanity when people don’t live up to our expectations. So, it’s easier to target our frustration out a company like eHarmony, but I don’t think it’s quite fair. When I first got on, I went on a couple of dates.. always first dates and it was always the women making that choice. Then, I finally met someone that I wanted to be serious with, and AultFriendFinder a one night stand, two were several inches shorter and much heavier than they claimed (if you lie about something so easily discovered what else are you lying about?) the last one has zero interest in relationships. After filling out a very time consuming questionnaire and spending hard earned money take my advice and think long and hard before giving this poorly run excuse for an electronic AultFriendFinder dating in the past. Therefore those online relationships have to be really good to stick past a first date or two. So, to really get the people that want to meet someone. Charge a bunch of cash and make the site cleaner and easier to use. They’d probably make more money. Reviewed By Don USA Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 15, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals John: That’s spectacular AultFriendFinder started my eHarmony experience, I wish I had the benefit of some thoughtful advice. I have spent a lot of time considering our eHarmony experiences and I came up with a number of eHarmony tips and suggestions. If you are curious, they are posted at: eHarmony certainly isn’t for everyone. If you are serious about finding someone to share your life with and you are


meet, it does appear that men outnumber women. I know in the Atlanta area there are about 20,000 more single women than men. That doesn’t take into account the large gay population in Atlanta. I automatically close any match that doesn’t post a picture. That about half. I’m also weary of any woman that is 42 and wants kids. The clock is running out. And there’s a lot of women that will not AudultFriendFinder Visit eHarmony I came to this website after googling “eharmony reviews” , just because I, too, have been rather frustrated in my search for a Tolerable Woman of Similar Morals. I’ve already been using eHarmony off and on for years now, and seeing as how I’m still single, I can’t say that it’s worked for me.. I came here because misery loves company. I was curious to see if anyone else has AudultFriendFinder something they would complain about. Only active members can close matches. Reviewed By S. C. USA Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 15, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony The ads on T.V. produced by this company are a gross exaggeration. The thought of meeting anyone compatible is laughable at best. I was on this site for over a year and tried to be active with it. I did not wait around to AudultFriendFinder I’ve overheard when they didn’t know I was in earshot. I’ll be blunt and say that I don’t date “plus sized” women. I’ve dated all types: models, hippies, the girl next door type, even an NFL cheerleader. I was surprised that I really had to work at it hard to get responses from anyone I considered attractive, when I normally feel like I can get a date from most anyone with enough effort AudultFriendFinder to sort through hundreds of e-mails. I ended up signing up with eHarmony and it worked well for me. I like the fact the eHarmony matched me with women that I had a few things in common with and I could decide if I thought there was potential. If I liked the picture and profile, I simply selected 5 multiple choice questions for her to answer. If she responded great, if not, I saved a lot

Audlt Friend Finder

as I went there thinking people would be looking for something real and to find this happening to me makes me want to cringe.Their website doesn’t mean crap to me now. Reviewed By ChrisCPA Atlanta Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 17, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony First, I think I’ve had enough experience with eHarmony to post a valid review. I’ve been on it for a little over a year with Audlt Friend Finder time and heart. Reviewed By Alex Toronto Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 23, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony Forgot to mention: do you get matches without responses? It happened to me at – your matches are people that filled a profile but never paid for the service, or are not using this site for years, yet the site keeps their profiles as if they are active members to attract Audlt Friend Finder MEMBERS!! I’m tired of seeing the 5 foot 4 inch twerp on the TV commercial with the striped shirt. Dude, you are never going to meet anyone, because none of the matches they send you will probably be active members. Who cares how many people like soccer, when none of them are active? Facts about EFRAUD: 1. It’s FREE to create and post a profile. 2. Suspiciously, they do not list “last active” Audlt Friend Finder in a day than I got with Yahoo over three months. Yahoo is dead, put a fork in it! Here is an idea for people who run pay sites, make us guys pay to post a profile and let the women sign up and respond for free. You would make a mint and everyone would be happy! (You know like ladies night) Reviewed By Randy Minneapolis Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 16, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals Audlt Friend Finder agree with almost everything they say. A friend has had better luck with The Onion Personals (run by FastCupid) and I’m checking that out, and another friend recommends I only tried Yahoo! because I managed to get a free account but no way I feel like paying for it when the few responses or contacts I get do not seem to have bothered to read my profile (perfect example: wants

AudAlt Friend Finder

without warning or anything just “showed” up.GASP.Well I was kind enough to talk to him.Long story short as it stands after all this he is not sure what he wants,suddenly all the excuses come in. My god somehow these folks should probably really be screened more as this man was truely the biggest fraud I’ve ever seen,especially on this site. I personally think Eharmony can be discouraging AudAlt Friend Finder like a background program and not get too invested in it , go for it. Otherwise it is hard to see a guy and get excited and he closes your match when you try to initaite contact. Life is hard and don’t be fooled by the cute commercials it is still the dating scene you know and love/hate. It may just speed it along and if you’re lucky you find someone but if not you’ve just wasted your money, AudAlt Friend Finder show activity dates, it gives them a license to re-hash inactive profiles, or people who created profiles several years ago. As a paying member they are screwing you by sending you people who fall into this category without you even knowing about it. BS. Reviewed By Ron Jeremy 20007 Sex Male Rating ***** Date November 15, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony THEY RE-USE PROFILES THAT ARE NOT ACTIVE AudAlt Friend Finder interesting. No response, than I wrote 12 more custom emails to potential matches and only got one response, and she basically said she was a “bi@tch” and I wouldn’t be interested in her anyways. Save your money, this isn’t worth your time. My profile was completely filled out and I posted a couple nice pictures of myself on there. Now I am using a free site and I have recieved more responses AudAlt Friend Finder 4…) or desperately looking to find someone to hurry up and get married and have kids with. If that’s what you’re looking for, then cool, but the “compatibility” and other “matching” features seem lame, and the real profiles / people there seem to be trolling, just looking for any kind of response. I’ve read a bunch of the other one-star reviews here and have nothing to add other than I


to say.He eventually closed the match.Boy I was happy he did.The second match we communicated on and off the site for a month.Here is where it gets deceptive.This person an upstanding professional attorney had ADHD told me before I met him.He traveled out of state to meet me and was SO sure he wanted a real relationship etc.We talked after we got together and mind you he came to meet me AsultFriendFinder different from what I am. But I am sure it works for some, if you put the effort into the marketing of yourself, the problem then is what do you do when you meet and you are really just average after all the manipulation of your profile etc. And when he is even worse than average himself. i’d say if you won’t miss the money and you can keep the subscription for awhile and just have it run AsultFriendFinder board. Reviewed By Dale Kentucky Sex Male Rating ***** Date November 15, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony I have to concur with Mr. Jeremy. The single biggest example of the fraud lies with the fact that they do not show activity dates. is not much better, but at least you know whether a profile has been active within the last 3 days, or within the last 3 months. When a site doesn’t AsultFriendFinder into that scenario. I’m going out with the girlfriends and having fun. And while I’m out having fun, the old Daddies can sit at home and watch Cartoon Network while searching the Internet for Bambi. Reviewed By Dan NJ Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 17, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals This site is not worth a nickle, first I wrote a couple emails to potential matches I thought were AsultFriendFinder of the same people there. No changes to pics, profile, etc. and if you try to contact them, no replies. Seems pretty obvious that there’s at least a couple of profiles for each major city that are fake and just bait. 2. The majority of the real people who seem to be on the site, at least around my age (40) are all basically divorced women w/kids looking for hubby and/or daddy #2 (or #3 or


possibilities when living in Fayetteville, but most were too far out of town in spite of my request to be within the minimum miles. In western NC, I only received communication from what turned out to be a married man and a man who just wanted an out of town woman on the side. Hardly the type of matches advertised. I did turn the married guy in, but that finished me with this service. Once AsdultFriendFinder there is a connection or not? Just because a 300 lb girl has the personality that an attractive guy has been looking for…do you seriously think that those two will be together? And there have been cases where some of the matches haven’t been active for months (maybe they found mate, etc) but yet EH try to match them up. EH is a joke and quite frankly, a complete waste of money. You’re AsdultFriendFinder They should so they can rip off more people of their dignity, emotions, and money. DON’T EVER SIGN UP FOR E-HARMONY. IT IS INTERNET FRAUD!!! The federal govt. should look into this. Really zero stars. Reviewed By carol sellers united kingdom Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 16, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony I completely agree with all the reviews giving e harmony a bad rating. The matches AsdultFriendFinder is “I’m really busy with my children but want to start dating…..” Okay – woman my age don’t want to date and babysit at the same time. We want to D A T E and not between soccer, baseball and football games. We have raised our kiddies and want to start having a life without having to raise another litter of someone elses kids. Dudes – wake up and smell the roses. You started too late. On AsdultFriendFinder out there on the dating sites, i found one of the best, you just have to patient….love cannot be rushed, i certainly know that from experience, i am divorced!!! lol Reviewed By Howard Kentucky Sex Male Rating ***** Date November 24, 2006 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals Tim in Oregon is to have us believe that he liked eharmony so much he created a website dedicated to it? lol. What an

Alt Friend Frinder

it was just a very silly, expensive, frustrating and fruitless experiment. What upsets me most is discovering that I can only cancel my subscription, not close my account. What a business!!! Reviewed By Real Nurse NC Sex Female Rating ***** Date February 19, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony I was on EH for a year in Fayetteville and then moved to western NC and signed up again. I received many Alt Friend Frinder really old- consumers getting ripped off by these crooks in business! STAY AWAY FROM EHARMONY!!!!!! Reviewed By EH Canada Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 13, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony I URGE YOU NOT TO EVEN THINK ABOUT SIGNING UP ON EHARMONY. The idea of eharmony doing all the work and matching you up with potential mates is just a joke. Does physical attraction not play a role in whether Alt Friend Frinder get many matches in the beginning, then zero matches, and when your subscription is about to be up, more matches. They try to get you hooked on “potentials” when in reality they control when and how many matches you get. This site is a total fraud and to think they are justifying themselves as a Christian dating site. I am surprised why they don’t allow gays and lesbians on their website. Alt Friend Frinder dates I have been on. The number one problem with the men on these sites is they are all going through what I call “male menopause”. They want someone who is 5 to 10 years younger than them. And what is with these 55 year old coots who have 3 children all under the age of 10? What the heck were they doing when I was having my kids in my late 20’s? And the first thing they say in their profiles Alt Friend Frinder sis-in-law talked me into joining, so i joined 1, and then yahoo…and i dated a couple guys…but then i got e-mailed from yahoo, and unlike some of you think, i contacted back – always!! – and told him that i was currently dating someone, but we kept in touch anyway. and when that date bad, i contacted him back thru yahoo, and now we are making plans for our future. there are good ones