14, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony Ah what to say about the infamous eHarmony. First and foremost it’s a nice IDEA…but it doesn’t really work. Me I wasted $250.00 (yeah that’s a LOT for me) on that site…and got FIVE matches that I actually wanted to go out and meet in person. I think the whole ’29’ dimensions is BS personally…they match you by gender and what you pick as ‘interests’ dultFriendFinder figure I should at least try. It’s my fault if I can’t judge someone’s character or I can’t make it work or if I can’t display enough confidence to attract a woman. There is the crazy factor, yes, but that’s the same as you meet a crazy person in a bar. Do you blame that bar? I say, eHarmony is no better or worse than any other acceptable method of finding a relationship. 3 Stars for just dultFriendFinder He really came across as intelligent and sincere. He said he was a university administrator; yeah right. It makes you wonder if people lie about their occupation as well as who they are. I had this other gentleman who would call me every day. Then, he does a 180 degree turn on me. One evening, I was returning his phone call, I would constantly get his voicemail. Then, when we did talk, I dultFriendFinder had saved a profile of a lady that really caught my eye and interest the very first week i had signed up with yahoo personals, I sent her an e-mail, we began corresponding through e-mail only, I went on some dates, Aswell as did she, We would actually tell each other about our dates we had went on, Some five weeks after her and i just corresponding by e-mail, We decided to meet each other dultFriendFinder wife which they either don’t have now or never had. And no offense, by the looks of these men, they better start posting better pictures and writing a profile that you can actually read without a deciphering tool. Example: i like to swim, jump of moutians and enjy my hildren. What?????? And why do they all want to jump off mountains? I’m still out there I think because I’ve taken the attitude