dult match maker

decide on which ones you want to send a communication to (for the man). Women, just wait to see who sends you something. And have the manner to at least close it if you’r not interested. Women should also wait 24 hours to respond. I become suspicious if they respond back too quickly. Don’t expect too much and you won’t be disappointed. Reviewed By Dani CA Sex Female Rating ***** Date February dult match maker I’d like so I hit them up, and I get a response on the average of one per month. That’s about 1 out of 224 matches. And that one match can’t actually speak English that well. I still go back, because, even though it’s not science, I figure on the laws of probability.. there are like twenty billion women in the world and only one right for me, so chances are they aren’t on eHarmony, but I dult match maker By Donna Florida Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 12, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony If I was able to give this joke of a dating Web site a zero rating I would. The men I did communicate with were disappointments. There was one man who I communicate with around three or four times disappeared. This is the same man who wanted to know all about me, and he was also telling me about himself. dult match maker writing crap on this forum will get you nowhere. Yahoo personals gets 1 star from me, because, John, your “review” doesn’t count. Reviewed By John Dallas, Tx Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 15, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals I signed up with yahoo personals keeping an open mind, And most of all keeping it real, What i mean by that is, My profile was completly accurate and true, I dult match maker My favorites are the gentleman you contact and they respond with “I’ve met someone I’ve clicked with and want to pursue that”. My first thought is “then why are you still looking at the profiles?” Poor girl he clicked with. It’s a very up and down thing to deal with. Be prepared to be out there for a very long time because unfortunately I think most of the men are looking for that trophy