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people (even if they might potentially have a good-looking single friend or younger brother! 🙂 I joined eHarmony with very low expectations, so I’m not as disappointed about my experience as alot of the reviewers on here. I even think that with plenty of patience, persistence, money, and a whole lot of luck, the process could actually result in a successful match. Unfortunately for me Alt Friend Finder who were so far out in left field it wasn’t funny. i called and asked where my 200 matches were. They refused to answer my question and refused to refund my money or cancel my membership. I think this company should be charged with fraud for presenting their services as something they are not. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Complaints and my local news station. Gets Alt Friend Finder fraud. They get people to respond to your request for communication and try to get you thinking someone is interested. Then they claim they are going out of town. Next, they say they met someone off line and don’t check their account much. During this whole communication process, they have not even checked your frofile once. Also, they control what matches you get. Once you sign up, you Alt Friend Finder in the past two years. I’ve tried Yahoo Personals and Match. Both are a joke. WHERE ARE THE REAL MEN IN THIS WORLD BECAUSE THEY AREN’T ON THESE DATING WEBSITES! I have never in my life read profiles that are so sugar coated and fake and met so many spinless men in my life. I’m 48 years old and have been divorced for four years now. My conversations with my ex are more stimulating than the Alt Friend Finder Yahoo! Personals it’s all in how you look at it!!! my gosh, everyone, it’s surely better than going to a bar/club to meet someone!!if not to meet someone to date, or love….just a great way to meet people!!! so what if you have to weed thru a couple of ‘old’ profiles, when you are supposed to meet someone, you will…whether you approach them, or they approach you. After my divorce, my

Aldut Friend Finder

Open Communication” (as stupid and clinical as that sounds!) with many of my matches, but since I couldn’t get excited about their picture, what was the point of continuing? I’ve got news for some of the imbecilic male reviewers on here, women are visually oriented too! Many of my matches seem like very nice guys who I’m sure I could’ve been friends with, but I have a hard time misleading Aldut Friend Finder and talked to a representative and asked him straight up, how many matches do you have for me at this time (they still had my previous profile on system). He told me he had 200 new matches available for me. I thought great and joined again. So in 14 days – I have had 10 days of absolutely NO MATCHES!! Thats 10 days out of 14 and nothing. the remaining 4 days were mostly “flexible” matches Aldut Friend Finder really unhappy with this site. They promise the world and give you nothing in return. I would stay away from eharmoney. Reviewed By Woo Woo VA Sex Male Rating ***** Date November 16, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony E-harmony is truly a rip off. It is like everyone else said regarding old profiles and recycling profiles that are no longer active. They have gone one step further in internet Aldut Friend Finder to help you raise yours. You need to wait till the kids are grown, you will probably be 65 or over by then, to find a woman, and not one is her 40’s at that time. Yahoo seems to have a overload of this kind of man. Reviewed By babs Illinois Sex Female Rating ***** Date March 21, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals GGGRRRRHHHH. I have never been so disappointed and frustrated than I have Aldut Friend Finder women to choose. The problem is these women are already confused (hence the reason they joined the site in the first place) and the abundant amount of men makes their choices even more confusing. If they put some thought into who they want to date then maybe they wouldn’t whine about a lack of men. Reviewed By Heather Indiana Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 30, 2006 permalink Visit


moved forward towards Open Communication. The ones I was interested in made me wait insultingly long periods of time in some cases for their response. I can only imagine that eHarmony is their oyster and they’ve got hundreds more quality matches than I could ever hope to receive in their inboxes to sort through. Younger and more beautiful women perhaps. I’m confident that I could’ve “entered AldultFriendFinder was receiving only flexible matches – either people who were so far away, it just wasn’t possible to maintain any sort of “relationship” (without taking an airplane as one person posted here), or I was receiving matches too old for me. 60 years old and I’m 48. Anyway, I gave it a break, and when some time had passed, I received a promotional offer from them for a renewal. I contacted them AldultFriendFinder and love begins here. Warmly, Mike O. Customer Care eHarmony Reviewed By unshappy customer Georgia Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 17, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony I found this site to be worthless!!! The matches were so mismatched it was a joke. I asked for men over a certain height and they sent me short men. I am a tall lady and it really was a waste of my time and money. I am AldultFriendFinder have their own and don’t want a husband whose paycheck goes to the ex and his kids with her. The women his age don’t want to have to deal with kids and planning around them. Face it men, you had your fun in your 20’s and 30’s and waiting to marry and have children in your 40’s, now your are divorced with children and expect the woman who had kids younger and is now enjoying her free years AldultFriendFinder they loically don’t know what they want. The only way I can get any responses, views, winks, or emails from the women is for me to use SHIRTLESS profile pictures! I have a fairly good looking face but I guess that it gets lost in the crowd. What’s more is I’ll always get emails from these pusedo-christian women who denounce my use of Shirtless pictures. There are plenty of men for these

Aldult Freind Finder

only recommend eHarmony to men. If women outnumber men by 3 to 1 (or higher) on this site, the odds just aren’t worth it for the female members. Especially since the pickings (unlike most of my matches) are slim. The competition for the quality men who seem to have both good looks and personality, is too great. The men on this site would seem to have it made. I think alot of them take the Aldult Freind Finder at weeding people out via e-mails and phone calls. It is amazing what you can glean from a 10-minute phone call with someone. I didn’t meet the love of my life on e-harmony. Maybe if I stuck with it for a year, I might have. But for 60 bucks for 3-months, it did give me some hope and some enjoyable dates. I got my money’s worth. Reviewed By Pamela Calgary Sex Female Rating ***** Date May Aldult Freind Finder after Archiving the match, click on the match’s name in your Archived section of the My Matches page, and then click on the Close Match link at the bottom of that match’s profile. As America’s #1 trusted relationship site, your feedback is very important to us. I have forwarded your comments to our development team for review. We hold it in strong regard as we consider future changes and Aldult Freind Finder to try to make this go on. It started HONESTLY. It has a much better chance things will work out. I wish all people trying to date GOOD LUCK. My tip for whatever that is worth is BE HONEST!!!! J Reviewed By brenda usa Sex Female Rating ***** Date March 21, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals I have to agree with the post below me. She knows what she is talking about. I am over 40 with Aldult Freind Finder boards than people who use their personals site. Reviewed By PermaStoned SouthWest USA Sex Male Rating ***** Date December 02, 2006 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals The Concept of Internet Dating is good, but many of the people one these sites lack common sense, and that is why Internet Dating is bad for 95% of the people who use it. There is only a 5% success rate for the people who use


ago. Was afraid to sign up for more than a month at a time because I couldn’t see what incentive they’d have to keep “working for me” once they had my $$$. Apparently my concerns were justified. The first month I received 99 matches, the second month only 41. Even with all the new members supposedly joining everyday, my tap was already running dry. Live and learn. In retrospect, I would AfultFriendFinder situation is never going to change. Yes, e-harmony’s 29-dimensions of compatibility is pretty much nonsense, in my opinion. But, “chemistry” between two people is pretty elusive anyway. I give e-harmony 3-stars because I did meet several nice women in my 3 months on the site. That’s better than I would have done going to bars or nightclubs. If you use internet dating you need to be adept AfultFriendFinder according to whom they would like to communicate and with whom they would not like to initiate communication at the time being. If an Archived match wishes to communicate or makes changes such as updating photos, you will be notified in the same manner as you would for a New or Communicating match. If you are certain that you never wish to communicate with a New match under any circumstances, AfultFriendFinder meet is GOOD. We both know what we wanted and neither one of us misrepresented this. If a relationship starts out dishonestly it has only one way to go. It can only go wrong. I have discontinued my personal add. It is because I have met someone. The fun has started but the work to maintain the relationship has also started. We both know that we are going to have to put in effort. We have AfultFriendFinder bland to my eyes, and I just seem less motivated to use Yahoo Personals because of this. The searches aren’t that easy to conduct, becuase it seems you’re long-jumping through hoops to conduct a simple search. The major dysfunction with Yahoo’s searches is the same profile will pop up 2 or 3 times. Yahoo Personals is long-due for a major overhaul. I swear, more people troll Yahoo’s message

Adylt Friend Finder

during the night. So, unless you want to email scumbags, date women who will drain your bank account, date high school drop-outs, get something up your penis, date a gril who wants a baby because she feel unloved, taking your woman from POF on a romantic stroll down asile 14 at Wal-mart, or spend a night with your POF honey… only to wake up the next morning with your wallet missing, you Adylt Friend Finder sent at least 25 to 30 emails to them. Their response? Nothing. Only one response after several months saying they had removed my profile and 3 days later? You guessed it. They TOOK ANOTHER PAYMENT!!!! Would not recommend anyone go on this site Reviewed By ken Palo Alto, CA Sex Male Rating ***** Date May 17, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony Having read a number of reviews of e-harmony (most Adylt Friend Finder see their picture to find out if I would even be attracted to them. Once I find out that I am not attracted to them, I have to scroll to the bottom of the page, click archive. Confirm that I want to archive them, and then click back to new matches. That’s roughly 30 seconds to a minute per person. I don’t have 2 hours to go through 100 matches. I find it rather pathetic that you can’t add Adylt Friend Finder She was a year ahead of me. My class had 421 students. I do not know how many were in her class. We did not know each other. The computer said we are not compatible. She is extrmely organized. I am extemely disorganized. We seem to undestand this and it is working. I have dated other people from YAHOO. They have not gone so well. I have dated from other sights also. I do not think Yahoo Adylt Friend Finder before i actually involved myself with this man, does he want kids, does he have kids, does he get along with his family, does he do drugs, is he addicted to alcohol,is he stable in his job, does he have an ager problem. etc…. these are things that are not negotiable with me, everyone has them. But i asked, i stood back and watched and took it all in. As for online dating, you have to


here and bash the paid websites. Then he writes misleading reviews about this free site. As far as I’m concerned, he can shove his white-trash lovin review up his… I’ve tried a few of these free sites… SPranch, myspace, and plentyoffish. From what I’ve see of these sites, the typical member works for about $9/hr, hangs out at Wal-Mart during the day, and hangs out at sleazy night-clubs AdutlFriendFinder interests to mine. We enjoy each others company and plan to spend the future together. Thank you eharmony! Reviewed By Chrissie Australia Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 18, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony The worst mistake I have made in a long time. Matches were not good and it took 3 months before I was finally taken off the site. To date they are still charging me monthly fees and I have AdutlFriendFinder I am deeply disappointed in the functionality of this website. I’ve spent $300 on your site and I get a small amount of people I am even permitted to look at each day. (5 or so?) If I don’t log in every day, it stacks them up. Your website has no form of quick management (IE checkbox archiving matches). Do you know how long it will take to click on each person, knowing only their name, to AdutlFriendFinder a scam. lots of “russian” girls who write things like, “i like man long time and treat him good.” match and eharmony seem to be the only legitimate sites. Reviewed By johndoegoodguy Des Moines Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 22, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals I am presently dating a very nice lady. I am thrilled wiht her. She seems happy with me. We went to the same high school. AdutlFriendFinder that. Whether those men i winked at had hangups with kids, being married etc.., and didnt respond to me, i didnt take it to heart, i realized that those men wouldn’t have been a good match for me at all, and moved on. Now, i am remarried, after taking things slow, using the common sense that the good lord gave me, and i am happy. I met my husband on yahoo on july 6th 2005.I asked myself

I was on that site I seen a preview profile of this guy who looked like a caveman, and his headline was: “I’m like Fred Flintstone, I’ll make your BED ROCK!” Then, I read a profile of one girl who was complaining about most of the guys on POF either wanting a bride or sex. On top of that, there were plenty of odd profiles, enough to fill a 50k gallon fish tank. Our canuck pal ‘Wake up’ is for someone to answer my e-mails. What is the sense of spending good money to wait for someone to answer my e-mails? If someone likes you they respond right away, or am I mistaken. I am ashamed that I spent my hard earned money on a site that has heavily advertised about matching and turned out to be a waste. Guess I was not E-Harmony material. Watch their commercials everyone looks perfect. to be fairly attractive by familiar people and strangers. I was hoping to find someone sincere and compatable on this site. I will not be renewing once my subscription expires. I suggest people who go on this site watch the signs for scammers. Always ask questions!! Reviewed By B Dick Florida Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 23, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony I, too, am disappointed out we are the same age and only lived ten minutes away from each other. We would have never met without the personals. We have so much fun together and hang out all the time now. I always thought that the internet dating was stupid and didn’t work but I proved myself wrong this time. I have found the perfect man and he treats me like a queen. When I signed up for the personals I only wanted doesnt mean you have to take that personally, just think” if they didnt respond, they weren’t for you anyways. I myself, was skeptical of online datingwhether it be cupid, aol, yahoo, or match. com. Theres always going to be quirks and things that we dont like about the online dating services, its inevitable. However,its not all a bad thing. I went out a year and a half ago on several dates,


By Awake here Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 20, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony plenty of fish… They should change the name to plenty of morons, or plenty of canadian morons. I’m not bashing Canadians but I found an overwhemling number of Canadian profiles on that site. However, the site is from Canada. Most of the people on POF are just that… morons. People who don’t have their AdulyFriendFinder my adult life. I never did figure that one out. Things with the next guy were going along well. Lots of fun emails and plans to meet face to face. I ended communication when he admitted to having done time (years) in prison for resisting arrest and striking an officer Hmmm… At least he admitted to it. Some guys got right to bedroom talk, which was obviously the main thing that they were AdulyFriendFinder me to stop having eharmony deduct their fees from my account, I had to change the account number. They are so desperate for your dollars, that they offered me a lower rate. They are incredible! Shame, Shame, Shame on them for their wicked ways!! WARNING, WARNING, WARNING – STAY AWAY FROM EHARMONY!! Reviewed By k Dallas Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 24, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony AdulyFriendFinder womens’ excuse isn’t because their a women, and women can’t be leaders but the woman behind the great leader. Why, aren’t those days forever gone? Prehaps, they only use the womens’ rights spill when it’s to their advantage. They must adapt to the correct way of thinking, learn the proper courting and attraction skills, then rethink as to who they’re trying to attract, then go for it. Don’t AdulyFriendFinder there, that women that feel they have to post a sexy pic of themselves online to get noticed are usually the ones that are the most insecure, and have issues. The men that use their cut out photos of them and an ex ( suggests to me, that they wont take the time to actually take a decent photo of themselves to post) and are not serious about this. Pictures say alot about someone and their

Aduly Freind Finder

California Sex Female Rating ***** Date February 22, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony Eharmony has got to be the biggest rip off I’ve been involved in for quite some time. They sucker you in with the money back guarantee, but when you try and reach them during that period they can’t be reached, and when you finally do reach them, they will not give you back your money. The first week I had Aduly Freind Finder a person hits “close match,” there is no further communication allowed. Um, only 13 of my matches have actually closed on their end! So it’s “great,” I’m not interested in a very large percentage in the first place, and even if I were, they aren’t active anyway. Pointless. Reviewed By Meg Nashville, TN Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 22, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony Well—I received lots Aduly Freind Finder magazines or books. He specifically states that he loves drinking beer and looking at television. I eventually was contacted by 2 matches. However, the matches never got off the ground. It seems that they just wanted to send information via emails telling me how they had wonderful weekends with their friends. I wonderered why they were on eharmony since they were having so much fun in their Aduly Freind Finder skills and everything else needs to be up to par. The truth is you’re only capable of attracting someone who’s life, skills, thoughts, and situation is the same as yours. I’ve looked through plenty of womens’ profiles, and I’ve seen to profiles of women who want to date the cream of the crop. Many of these women have had their profiles online since the early part of the decade. When you Aduly Freind Finder we all know that with a million members, one week is like finding a needles in a haystack, theres just not enough time or criteria to find what your actually looking for. Which leads me to my next point. Whether it be men or women, alot of people lie on dating sites, why i dont know, but to actually find someone that is honest about their ” skeletons in the closet” is one in a million. We