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a scam artist just like all the paid website owners. The 29 areas of compatibility are crap as anybody who took college psychology can tell you, especially the way eHarmonyou screws it up. POF isn’t good in low population areas in the States, but nothing else is either. Reviewed By ltm western canada Sex Female Rating ***** Date February 06, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony I found eharmony expensive. Save your money. I had very few matches and ones that I responded to never responded back. I don’t believe these men exist actually. I read several reviews/complaints about trying to get your money back. It seems pretty hopeless but will try nevertheless. Do NOT use this dating site. Reviewed By Robyne Australia Sex Female Rating ***** Date August 19, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony I was on eharmony for 3 months and let me tell you if you are condsidering it please DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! They are terrible the women take forever to respond, they don’t match you with people that you want to meet and most women will not respond for your match to communicate, futhermore I’m an attractive guy with a great education and very successful and still they fail to deliver. life, he hugs me holds me and i don;t ever want to be out of his arms. And so to those who feel internet dating is all about subscriptions take a look around, it really is hard meeting someone out there unless you like the bar scene, then you may meet someone that is not right for you anyway, so take that chance it could be worth all the waiting. GOOD LUCK TO ALL Valeriexxx Reviewed By ET they were sharing in the discovery with you; having to repeatedly pay for dates tends to make men feel used and want something more in return. Womens liberation suggest to me equality and and an eagalitarian relationship, rather than retaining the monetary previlages you had in the past, just because you think your oh-so cute. Act in a mature and responsible way on a date and you will be

of Fish will eventually surpass all the paid websites and the website has made the Canadian inventor a few million off his advertising the website pulls in. If you do not like Plenty of Fish, then you aren’t going to like the paid websites either. POF has really taken off in Canada and is spreading fast in the States. I enjoy seeing them stick it to the paid websites. Neil Clark Warren is different when it comes to backgrounds and interests – nowhere near my own… how could anything be this bad? It’s absolutely amazing if you haven’t already wasted your money.. Don’t, just a suggestion… warning…. “Danger, Will Robinson!”.. Rip-ff ahead! Reviewed By Laura Washington DC Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 19, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony This site is a waste of time and from there trying to scam me into cashing it at my bank. Now what fool would send $4300.00 to a starnger and think I am fool enough to cash it. When reported to E Harmony that this is the 3rd such man to try to scam me from their site, their idea was to just kick them off the site. No one from there has addressed the issue of the scam or try to report the member. permalink Visit eHarmony have been looking for all my life, and i finally found him on yahoo, no i am not a bimbo that goes online looking for men, in actuall fact i met him on here skipped by his profile, and went to the club here in our town, he came up to me and asked me to dance, that is when i found out he actually emailed me and i did not answer, now we have been inseprable for a month, and i hope it is for share for dinner and the movies, and MEANT it. I’ve been on several on-line mediated first dates with women who usually made more money than I did, but they never offered to pay for their share or they offered but the look on there face suggested that I would not have a second date if I did not refuse their offer. I think men would like to get to know you on a personal level if they felt


a disappointing experience overall. It does appear that not every match is a subscriber which explains the many “no answers” to sent messages. Or men really are just that rude which I don’t believe to be the case. I too have read that eharmony has a larger ratio of men to women…great for the guys I guess but when one is paying the amount of money they do for the service, I don’t think wwwAdultFriendFinder I am disgusted.another wad of my money gobbled up by money hungry people in cyber space. I am an attractive and successful , interesting woman and have had not one ‘match’ and there have been a number, get in touch with me…EHARMONY in my opinion is a money making scam! Reviewed By Buyer Beware Williamston, SC Sex Female Rating ***** Date August 18, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony This is wwwAdultFriendFinder Reviewed By Benjamin Tiburon Sex Male Rating ***** Date January 28, 2012 permalink Visit eHarmony Lello from Boston, If you are going to provide an e-mail address, it should be one that is a valid one.. I’ve met plenty of women, so no thanks anyway. Eharmony sucks, but is awesome, and I am a handsome guy so I’ve met plenty of women in the Financial district. I connected with 11 wwwAdultFriendFinder Florida Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 13, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals TO: Bill in Santa Barbara Valerie in louisiana Nice fake testimonials man, Yahoo paid you to write them? I bet you do Hallmark cards for a living too, right? lol. I get a kick out of this. I seems Yahoo has spotted this site where members were giving their name a bad rap (an honest testimonial) only to find wwwAdultFriendFinder treated this way. Reviewed By Yuri Santa Clara Sex Male Rating ***** Date November 03, 2006 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals I am canceling my membrship after few months. There were almost no responses. You have to send 20-40 letters to get one response and this response comes from someone who just tries to make money on dating sites. Yahoo Personals seems to be full of women who post their

Consumer Reports give paid dating websites very low ratings. The cost of eHarmony makes it a terribly bad value, especially for men. Men should stay away from paid websites as few women buy memberships. Plenty of Fish is 100% free and as good as any paid website out there. All the women can write as long as their profile has been active recently. I got the most response from them. Plenty -5 star at? Reviewed By Benita Robinson Atlanta GA Sex Female Rating ***** Date August 19, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony That this site sucks, and since it’s the most expensive one I’ve found on the net so far, it REALLY sucks. Be warned they send you an enormous amount of so called “matches” that are so far from matching it’s ridiculous. I get matches that are much too far away, way to of the scam!!!! Maybe it’s a good service, maybe not, one thing is for sure I’ll go to a place that respects me as a thinking person (and I must admit – there are not too many like that 🙂 ). Date February 04, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony Just want to tell people that E Harmony does not back up their site when you report the them about problems. I am sitting here with a check from a person reviews. If the webmaster doesn’t delete my review, then Sandi is going to attack what I wrote. The actual truth is only 5% of the people who use internet dating make it to a successful relationship. Reviewed By Valerie louisiana Sex Female Rating ***** Date March 13, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals HI there to all those people who don;t believe in internet dating. I met the man i to handle a conversation with a total racist freak. To all the men out there on this forum, please, you have to see how weird he sounds. It’s time to make the case that most men aren’t this strange. Please! Reviewed By Scott Lexington KY Sex Male Rating ***** Date November 12, 2006 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals To HCl and a.b. (September, 2006). It would help if you offered to pay your


you’d get a better experience, but from your categorically cheap outlook, chances are women won’t want to date you anyway. Reviewed By Wake UP! anywhere Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 12, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony Shills often write reviews for these websites, so I would need to give a negative 100-star rating to be completely fair and even out the rating to where it should be. www.AdultFrien weekend, or have had friends sign them up. None of them are serious to be on the eHarmony site and none of them are really on there to meet someone. The ones that I was able to communicate were only on there to meet new people, and when it came to the point that you were willing to meet they dropped you like a bad habit and closed your profile from any future conversations. So where is the www.AdultFrien don’t even get on the site anymore. Or they were sending me profiles of people that lived 7 hours away when I truly put that I wanted to have matches that lived within 100 miles of me. I am not a beauty queen but at least when I’ve tried other dating sites guys have contacted me or responded to my questions. I can’t believe I’ve wasted so much time and energy into this stupid site. Beware www.AdultFrien to link this site to it’s homepage. At this point, Yahoo can say: “Look at Yahoo personals, we’re better than the rest at helping our members find a successful relationship.” Truthfully, the real winner will be the webmaster of this site. He can increase what he gets for ad revenue. If this is the case the webmaster is going to delete this review, and Sandi is going to write a bunch more www.AdultFrien else. Hopefully, someone as narcissistic and possibly antisocial as himself, will actually travel to Russia and stay there. We have enough narcissists in the US…we are a culture of narcissism and he seems to fit the bill. I’m so very happy that I have decided not to try internet dating because if this is representative of what is out there, then I’ve saved myself the heartache of having

where you can search and contact freely; chances are guys won’t get a lot of responses back. I’ve went on about 10 dates with women I met on eHarmony over the span of about 2.5 months with varying success. I can’t blame eHarmony for the members actions. I paid for opportunities to meet single attractive women, and eHarmony provided just that. “Wake Up”, maybe if you actually TRIED eHarmony, will admit though I have talked to 3 girls since on here, and yes only 3 girls out of 7 matches a day for three months. All three seemed sweet. However, the ones that I was really interested in that seemed cool through their pictures and profiles have yet to respond do anything. Which goes to show, that 90% or so of the people on there are no longer on there, have only signed up for a free a lot of them were a fit. But then I emailed a bunch of them and didn’t hear back from a single one. Heck I even contacted some not so attractive ones and they didn’t even respond! Or like other people have said I would start talking to someone, it seemed like things were going well, and then all of a sudden I didn’t hear from them again. I truly believe these profiles are fake or the people know that liars can’t wait to defend themselves. Also, you didn’t give Yahoo a 5 star review, rather you gave it a 4 star in hopes that we’d shut up and Yahoo can carry on with it’s plans. … What are Yahoo’s plans? Yahoo plans are to write a bunch of good reviews on this website. Once there are enough good reviews of YP and the rating of Yahoo personals is at a respectable 3/5, Yahoo plans he has, like Springer, made me feel a whole heck of a lot better about myself. Even if I strike out on the site I eventually choose – at least I’m not “that guy”. Reviewed By shocked & dismayed California Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 14, 2006 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals Wow, Dr. Phil has to be joking, or if not, thank god the poor Russian woman has him, for the sake of everyone


By You “Wake Up” Anywhere else Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 13, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony “Wake Up”, you are a dumb POS. Your review serves no purpose except to act as yet another advertisement for some other website. POF may be free, but it’s littered with ads of “Russian brides” or “porn websites”. Not to mention that it suffers from the typical downfall of any dating website www.AdultFr is ever deleted. EVER. “we are not responsible for our subscribers, just their credit card numbers” . Not impressed myself, but make your own decision. Reviewed By UnKnown Colorado Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 19, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony Don’t do it. Waste of your time, money, and effort. I am only half way through my 6 month “membership” and I haven’t met a real true match. I www.AdultFr almost blank profiles and no pictures. This web-site is so damn stupid!!! One star is being very generrous. Reviewed By rebecca USA Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 06, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony This is the worst dating site ever and the biggest waste of time and money! After reading everyone else’s reviews now I don’t feel so bad. When I first started out they sent me matches and www.AdultFr their income, weight, have alot of baggage, and are looking for someone too young for them. I just hope it gets better and I didn’t waste my money again. Reviewed By O.D.S. West Seattle, Wa Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 14, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals Sandi, I believe you’re the Yahoo employee who’s writing the reviews, and you’re trying to make the reviews legit. We’ve all www.AdultFr this review of his, likely it’s a thinly couched “I’m better than this site because you all rejected me” tale like the others and I’ve said it all there.) Wow, at least I can say that I’m just looking for a good site to check out – this poor bastage has tried them all and is still a loser…. and needs to post about it on every review page like he hasn’t! I shouldn’t be to hard on the sheep-shagger,

www AdultFrindFinder com

profile and want to meet many different people. As far as being attractive I found both sites have attractive people. In my experience it was best to be picky in what you are looking for and not settle because there are too many people on the sites to choose from. So set your expectations high to begin with in your profile and you will see better results for what you are looking for. Reviewed www AdultFrindFinder com on a suspended account. It’s to me like a gas station keeping you credit card number forever and “Oh we put it in the safe, you can trust us” They are always about the money, and advertising thereafter. Trust yourself if you think it sounds bad. Lets consider the fact that they want XX dollars, no less than double digit, for a computer system to regurgitate “results” at you which nothing www AdultFrindFinder com and energy. Slow and boring process, makes you not wanna date anymore. I put a 100 miles search radius, I get matches from all over United States. You would think for the amount money you pay, you’ll get at least profiles with checked IDs, I believe if I’m paying to have the checked ID “feature” on my profile, I should be only getting matches with checked IDs. I sometimes get matches with www AdultFrindFinder com to someone for a while, they seem to disappear. I had a rejection from a guy who said “there is too much of an age difference”. Funny since it was only 2 years. However, he was willing to date someone 15 years younger than him and up to 2 years younger but since I was 2 years OLDER, we couldn’t be compatible. All in all I have found Yahoo to be full of a bunch of picky men who lie about www AdultFrindFinder com and it’s better to meet people in person out and about Reviewed By random NYC Sex Male Rating ***** Date November 15, 2006 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals Oh man. So after reading DoctorPhil’s disappointed drivel and responding to it on the Match, lavalife and EH reviews he’s HERE too?! MAN this guy got shot down on every single major dating site out there (I haven’t even bothered to read

www AdultFriendFinder cm

were just looking for a quick hookup you would not spend the time taking that long test in order for them to put you with someone compatible. The quality of men have been much higher on eharmony if you are looking for something more serious. The guys on there seem to have their life and career in place and are ready compared to the guys on match who are there because everyone else has a www AdultFriendFinder cm information, I regret that we are unable to delete your personal and credit card information from our system. If you have any further questions or concerns, or should you ever receive any e-mail from us in the future, please don’t hesitate to let us know immediately and we’ll do our best to assist you. Sincerely, This is their response to me regarding a request to remove my debit card information www AdultFriendFinder cm matches. Basically, even if I were interested in someone, I probably could not communicate with them, as chances would be extremely high they would be inactive anyway. SO… feel free to thank me for saving you money. Scam would be the proper word to describe it. Reviewed By Renee Dearborn Heights MI Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 09, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony Waste of time, money, www AdultFriendFinder cm email and blocked me so I couldn’t respond. What a winner! A middle age man with 3 small children shouldn’t be so picky. I think he should be a little more open like I was. But then again, I guess he was looking for sex as he was recently divorced. Now I am getting about 30 looks a day with 1 or 2 messages, usually from someone who lives too far away or has no photo. When I start talking www AdultFriendFinder cm are so many fake ads, the ratio is horrible, and even if they are interested the rate of paying women is low. I’ve also noticed the same beautiful women every time I would browse the site, the same ones I saw 7 years ago, these women, some of them look like supermodels, and they’ve been on the dateline for 7-8 years straight? I think the basic concept is very good but has become corrupted

www Adult Frend Finder

They even admitted to sending out “Deadwood”. They named it that. After you unsubscribe they send you e-mails saying there are 5 men waiting to hear back from you. Then you pay and sign up again, answer the ads and NOTHING. I called them on it and they admitted to the practice of enticing members back with non subscribing ex members. That needs to be exposed. They are without scruples! Be www Adult Frend Finder had to stop!!! Shame on all of them!!! Reviewed By Finn USA Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 20, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony Dear Thank you for your inquiry regarding the removal of your personal information from eHarmony. I regret to hear of your concern regarding the storage of your credit card and personal information. Please be assured your information is completely secure and will www Adult Frend Finder I filled out 30 minutes of questionanires, then was told that there were no suitable matches within 50 miles of me. Thanks. I couldn’t make further use of the site because it wouldn’t let me change my preferences by redoing the questionnaire. Now I can’t even unsubscribe to their semi-monthly emails because they claim they don’t have my email address in their system. I can’t contact them www Adult Frend Finder few early replies and stated chatting with a few guys but most of them “disappeared” after a few times. However, I began talking to one guy who I seemed to hit it off with. In less than a week of membership we met, I felt I was getting off to a good start. Our date was good and unlike most of my dates that ended after coffee,this one turned into lunch and good conversation. I made myself www Adult Frend Finder case in one review, but instead he STALKS around just as he will the women on the dating websites. Notice how he works, all of you, so you can avoid his kind. Not surprisingly, Random is from NYC which is the homebase for loonies, not from some place on the prairies. NOBODY OUT THERE, you idiot. Random is from headcase central, USA. No doubt he is a headcase himself. I give stalking losers