there is an overwhelming number of black women on eHarmony in the Atlanta market. I initiate communication. Always concerns me when the woman sends the first communication. Will use “Pursuing another relationship” when I want to close a match. I don’t think eHarmony does a good job in making the match. I get all kinds. There’s no consistent pattern. I do see a lot of teachers & nurses. A AultFriendFinder ourselves, and we’re always disappointed in humanity when people don’t live up to our expectations. So, it’s easier to target our frustration out a company like eHarmony, but I don’t think it’s quite fair. When I first got on, I went on a couple of dates.. always first dates and it was always the women making that choice. Then, I finally met someone that I wanted to be serious with, and AultFriendFinder a one night stand, two were several inches shorter and much heavier than they claimed (if you lie about something so easily discovered what else are you lying about?) the last one has zero interest in relationships. After filling out a very time consuming questionnaire and spending hard earned money take my advice and think long and hard before giving this poorly run excuse for an electronic AultFriendFinder dating in the past. Therefore those online relationships have to be really good to stick past a first date or two. So, to really get the people that want to meet someone. Charge a bunch of cash and make the site cleaner and easier to use. They’d probably make more money. Reviewed By Don USA Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 15, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals John: That’s spectacular AultFriendFinder started my eHarmony experience, I wish I had the benefit of some thoughtful advice. I have spent a lot of time considering our eHarmony experiences and I came up with a number of eHarmony tips and suggestions. If you are curious, they are posted at: eHarmony certainly isn’t for everyone. If you are serious about finding someone to share your life with and you are