meet, it does appear that men outnumber women. I know in the Atlanta area there are about 20,000 more single women than men. That doesn’t take into account the large gay population in Atlanta. I automatically close any match that doesn’t post a picture. That about half. I’m also weary of any woman that is 42 and wants kids. The clock is running out. And there’s a lot of women that will not AudultFriendFinder Visit eHarmony I came to this website after googling “eharmony reviews” , just because I, too, have been rather frustrated in my search for a Tolerable Woman of Similar Morals. I’ve already been using eHarmony off and on for years now, and seeing as how I’m still single, I can’t say that it’s worked for me.. I came here because misery loves company. I was curious to see if anyone else has AudultFriendFinder something they would complain about. Only active members can close matches. Reviewed By S. C. USA Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 15, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony The ads on T.V. produced by this company are a gross exaggeration. The thought of meeting anyone compatible is laughable at best. I was on this site for over a year and tried to be active with it. I did not wait around to AudultFriendFinder I’ve overheard when they didn’t know I was in earshot. I’ll be blunt and say that I don’t date “plus sized” women. I’ve dated all types: models, hippies, the girl next door type, even an NFL cheerleader. I was surprised that I really had to work at it hard to get responses from anyone I considered attractive, when I normally feel like I can get a date from most anyone with enough effort AudultFriendFinder to sort through hundreds of e-mails. I ended up signing up with eHarmony and it worked well for me. I like the fact the eHarmony matched me with women that I had a few things in common with and I could decide if I thought there was potential. If I liked the picture and profile, I simply selected 5 multiple choice questions for her to answer. If she responded great, if not, I saved a lot