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as I went there thinking people would be looking for something real and to find this happening to me makes me want to cringe.Their website doesn’t mean crap to me now. Reviewed By ChrisCPA Atlanta Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 17, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony First, I think I’ve had enough experience with eHarmony to post a valid review. I’ve been on it for a little over a year with Audlt Friend Finder time and heart. Reviewed By Alex Toronto Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 23, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony Forgot to mention: do you get matches without responses? It happened to me at – your matches are people that filled a profile but never paid for the service, or are not using this site for years, yet the site keeps their profiles as if they are active members to attract Audlt Friend Finder MEMBERS!! I’m tired of seeing the 5 foot 4 inch twerp on the TV commercial with the striped shirt. Dude, you are never going to meet anyone, because none of the matches they send you will probably be active members. Who cares how many people like soccer, when none of them are active? Facts about EFRAUD: 1. It’s FREE to create and post a profile. 2. Suspiciously, they do not list “last active” Audlt Friend Finder in a day than I got with Yahoo over three months. Yahoo is dead, put a fork in it! Here is an idea for people who run pay sites, make us guys pay to post a profile and let the women sign up and respond for free. You would make a mint and everyone would be happy! (You know like ladies night) Reviewed By Randy Minneapolis Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 16, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals Audlt Friend Finder agree with almost everything they say. A friend has had better luck with The Onion Personals (run by FastCupid) and I’m checking that out, and another friend recommends I only tried Yahoo! because I managed to get a free account but no way I feel like paying for it when the few responses or contacts I get do not seem to have bothered to read my profile (perfect example: wants