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without warning or anything just “showed” up.GASP.Well I was kind enough to talk to him.Long story short as it stands after all this he is not sure what he wants,suddenly all the excuses come in. My god somehow these folks should probably really be screened more as this man was truely the biggest fraud I’ve ever seen,especially on this site. I personally think Eharmony can be discouraging AudAlt Friend Finder like a background program and not get too invested in it , go for it. Otherwise it is hard to see a guy and get excited and he closes your match when you try to initaite contact. Life is hard and don’t be fooled by the cute commercials it is still the dating scene you know and love/hate. It may just speed it along and if you’re lucky you find someone but if not you’ve just wasted your money, AudAlt Friend Finder show activity dates, it gives them a license to re-hash inactive profiles, or people who created profiles several years ago. As a paying member they are screwing you by sending you people who fall into this category without you even knowing about it. BS. Reviewed By Ron Jeremy 20007 Sex Male Rating ***** Date November 15, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony THEY RE-USE PROFILES THAT ARE NOT ACTIVE AudAlt Friend Finder interesting. No response, than I wrote 12 more custom emails to potential matches and only got one response, and she basically said she was a “bi@tch” and I wouldn’t be interested in her anyways. Save your money, this isn’t worth your time. My profile was completely filled out and I posted a couple nice pictures of myself on there. Now I am using a free site and I have recieved more responses AudAlt Friend Finder 4…) or desperately looking to find someone to hurry up and get married and have kids with. If that’s what you’re looking for, then cool, but the “compatibility” and other “matching” features seem lame, and the real profiles / people there seem to be trolling, just looking for any kind of response. I’ve read a bunch of the other one-star reviews here and have nothing to add other than I