to say.He eventually closed the match.Boy I was happy he did.The second match we communicated on and off the site for a month.Here is where it gets deceptive.This person an upstanding professional attorney had ADHD told me before I met him.He traveled out of state to meet me and was SO sure he wanted a real relationship etc.We talked after we got together and mind you he came to meet me AsultFriendFinder different from what I am. But I am sure it works for some, if you put the effort into the marketing of yourself, the problem then is what do you do when you meet and you are really just average after all the manipulation of your profile etc. And when he is even worse than average himself. i’d say if you won’t miss the money and you can keep the subscription for awhile and just have it run AsultFriendFinder board. Reviewed By Dale Kentucky Sex Male Rating ***** Date November 15, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony I have to concur with Mr. Jeremy. The single biggest example of the fraud lies with the fact that they do not show activity dates. is not much better, but at least you know whether a profile has been active within the last 3 days, or within the last 3 months. When a site doesn’t AsultFriendFinder into that scenario. I’m going out with the girlfriends and having fun. And while I’m out having fun, the old Daddies can sit at home and watch Cartoon Network while searching the Internet for Bambi. Reviewed By Dan NJ Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 17, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals This site is not worth a nickle, first I wrote a couple emails to potential matches I thought were AsultFriendFinder of the same people there. No changes to pics, profile, etc. and if you try to contact them, no replies. Seems pretty obvious that there’s at least a couple of profiles for each major city that are fake and just bait. 2. The majority of the real people who seem to be on the site, at least around my age (40) are all basically divorced women w/kids looking for hubby and/or daddy #2 (or #3 or