possibilities when living in Fayetteville, but most were too far out of town in spite of my request to be within the minimum miles. In western NC, I only received communication from what turned out to be a married man and a man who just wanted an out of town woman on the side. Hardly the type of matches advertised. I did turn the married guy in, but that finished me with this service. Once AsdultFriendFinder there is a connection or not? Just because a 300 lb girl has the personality that an attractive guy has been looking for…do you seriously think that those two will be together? And there have been cases where some of the matches haven’t been active for months (maybe they found mate, etc) but yet EH try to match them up. EH is a joke and quite frankly, a complete waste of money. You’re AsdultFriendFinder They should so they can rip off more people of their dignity, emotions, and money. DON’T EVER SIGN UP FOR E-HARMONY. IT IS INTERNET FRAUD!!! The federal govt. should look into this. Really zero stars. Reviewed By carol sellers united kingdom Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 16, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony I completely agree with all the reviews giving e harmony a bad rating. The matches AsdultFriendFinder is “I’m really busy with my children but want to start dating…..” Okay – woman my age don’t want to date and babysit at the same time. We want to D A T E and not between soccer, baseball and football games. We have raised our kiddies and want to start having a life without having to raise another litter of someone elses kids. Dudes – wake up and smell the roses. You started too late. On AsdultFriendFinder out there on the dating sites, i found one of the best, you just have to patient….love cannot be rushed, i certainly know that from experience, i am divorced!!! lol Reviewed By Howard Kentucky Sex Male Rating ***** Date November 24, 2006 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals Tim in Oregon is to have us believe that he liked eharmony so much he created a website dedicated to it? lol. What an