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it was just a very silly, expensive, frustrating and fruitless experiment. What upsets me most is discovering that I can only cancel my subscription, not close my account. What a business!!! Reviewed By Real Nurse NC Sex Female Rating ***** Date February 19, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony I was on EH for a year in Fayetteville and then moved to western NC and signed up again. I received many Alt Friend Frinder really old- consumers getting ripped off by these crooks in business! STAY AWAY FROM EHARMONY!!!!!! Reviewed By EH Canada Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 13, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony I URGE YOU NOT TO EVEN THINK ABOUT SIGNING UP ON EHARMONY. The idea of eharmony doing all the work and matching you up with potential mates is just a joke. Does physical attraction not play a role in whether Alt Friend Frinder get many matches in the beginning, then zero matches, and when your subscription is about to be up, more matches. They try to get you hooked on “potentials” when in reality they control when and how many matches you get. This site is a total fraud and to think they are justifying themselves as a Christian dating site. I am surprised why they don’t allow gays and lesbians on their website. Alt Friend Frinder dates I have been on. The number one problem with the men on these sites is they are all going through what I call “male menopause”. They want someone who is 5 to 10 years younger than them. And what is with these 55 year old coots who have 3 children all under the age of 10? What the heck were they doing when I was having my kids in my late 20’s? And the first thing they say in their profiles Alt Friend Frinder sis-in-law talked me into joining, so i joined 1, and then yahoo…and i dated a couple guys…but then i got e-mailed from yahoo, and unlike some of you think, i contacted back – always!! – and told him that i was currently dating someone, but we kept in touch anyway. and when that date bad, i contacted him back thru yahoo, and now we are making plans for our future. there are good ones