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Open Communication” (as stupid and clinical as that sounds!) with many of my matches, but since I couldn’t get excited about their picture, what was the point of continuing? I’ve got news for some of the imbecilic male reviewers on here, women are visually oriented too! Many of my matches seem like very nice guys who I’m sure I could’ve been friends with, but I have a hard time misleading Aldut Friend Finder and talked to a representative and asked him straight up, how many matches do you have for me at this time (they still had my previous profile on system). He told me he had 200 new matches available for me. I thought great and joined again. So in 14 days – I have had 10 days of absolutely NO MATCHES!! Thats 10 days out of 14 and nothing. the remaining 4 days were mostly “flexible” matches Aldut Friend Finder really unhappy with this site. They promise the world and give you nothing in return. I would stay away from eharmoney. Reviewed By Woo Woo VA Sex Male Rating ***** Date November 16, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony E-harmony is truly a rip off. It is like everyone else said regarding old profiles and recycling profiles that are no longer active. They have gone one step further in internet Aldut Friend Finder to help you raise yours. You need to wait till the kids are grown, you will probably be 65 or over by then, to find a woman, and not one is her 40’s at that time. Yahoo seems to have a overload of this kind of man. Reviewed By babs Illinois Sex Female Rating ***** Date March 21, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals GGGRRRRHHHH. I have never been so disappointed and frustrated than I have Aldut Friend Finder women to choose. The problem is these women are already confused (hence the reason they joined the site in the first place) and the abundant amount of men makes their choices even more confusing. If they put some thought into who they want to date then maybe they wouldn’t whine about a lack of men. Reviewed By Heather Indiana Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 30, 2006 permalink Visit