moved forward towards Open Communication. The ones I was interested in made me wait insultingly long periods of time in some cases for their response. I can only imagine that eHarmony is their oyster and they’ve got hundreds more quality matches than I could ever hope to receive in their inboxes to sort through. Younger and more beautiful women perhaps. I’m confident that I could’ve “entered AldultFriendFinder was receiving only flexible matches – either people who were so far away, it just wasn’t possible to maintain any sort of “relationship” (without taking an airplane as one person posted here), or I was receiving matches too old for me. 60 years old and I’m 48. Anyway, I gave it a break, and when some time had passed, I received a promotional offer from them for a renewal. I contacted them AldultFriendFinder and love begins here. Warmly, Mike O. Customer Care eHarmony Reviewed By unshappy customer Georgia Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 17, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony I found this site to be worthless!!! The matches were so mismatched it was a joke. I asked for men over a certain height and they sent me short men. I am a tall lady and it really was a waste of my time and money. I am AldultFriendFinder have their own and don’t want a husband whose paycheck goes to the ex and his kids with her. The women his age don’t want to have to deal with kids and planning around them. Face it men, you had your fun in your 20’s and 30’s and waiting to marry and have children in your 40’s, now your are divorced with children and expect the woman who had kids younger and is now enjoying her free years AldultFriendFinder they loically don’t know what they want. The only way I can get any responses, views, winks, or emails from the women is for me to use SHIRTLESS profile pictures! I have a fairly good looking face but I guess that it gets lost in the crowd. What’s more is I’ll always get emails from these pusedo-christian women who denounce my use of Shirtless pictures. There are plenty of men for these