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life together. In most of the profiles I saw on that site, you’d see at least 2 pictures of that member holding up a bottle of beer. Also, I don’t know how many profiles I read that had really bad spelling and horrible grammer. Finally, I had seen quite a few women on POF who are emotional basketcases, you know…. the type that says, I want this, I want that, men shouldn’t be that way. Adut Friend Finder looking for. A couple are regulars on several other dating sites and have been for a long time. Guys looking to hook up for fun and sex, not a relationship. I know one socially. He drinks too much, and every time I see him, he’s with a different woman. A definite player. So—I can’t really recommend the site to anyone based on my experience. I’ve learned to love my single life. Reviewed Adut Friend Finder I feel like I have completely waisted my money trying this site. I also have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with fake profiles. I sincerely believe the last person I communicated with actually worked for e harmony! We had so much in common in the beginning I believed it was a fake match. I should have went with my instincts. We sent communications several times daily. Then after Adut Friend Finder come here and tell us the people online suck. Reviewed By Brian California Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 27, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals I suspect Yahoo and/or spammers probably put far more fake profiles of women than men on there. It is probably worse in my area because I am near LA. There are a lot of foreign dating services in LA and Beverly Hills who might pay Yahoo to Adut Friend Finder charater, which leads me to the profile. Sometimes when people start profiles, they are all gung ho about trying this love on the internet, after no responses themselves, they are sometimes no longer interested and move on to bigger and better things. Also, keep in mind that many people come to online dating because they have such abusy schedule and hectic life, and that is why they chose