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eHarmony First month I got about 25 matches then each week thereafter got about 1-2 matches Can’t meet anyone thay way. Did not feel I had much in common with my matches I have alot going for me in that I am attractive, in good health, have my own home, treat people well. HOwever I found many of the men lacking in honesty on their profiles. Why lie the truth does come out Reviewed By Cooper Adulty Friend Finder By mike south carolina Sex Male Rating ***** Date May 23, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony This site is a joke!!! 85% of the 80+ matches I’ve been sent so far are inactive members. How do I know this? A person cannot close a match unless they are an active member. I close matches that I’m not interested in, and an active member would also close the match because there is no reason not to- once Adulty Friend Finder never hear from anyone. Obviously they are using clients who are no longer on their site. This makes no sense, why mislead customers. Yes, of course, they just want you money! The other issue is that the matches are not from locations that you have listed on your profile or matches that don’t fit your profile. I am a non-drinking, avid reader so they even send me a match who never reads Adulty Friend Finder If you’re a woman who’s failed on these dating sites the reason’s in the mirror. The reason you had to sign up to in the first place is because you don’t have any idea as how to attract a man. Then your poor courting skills and bizzar expectations shined through in your emails, profile, and phone conversations. Let’s face it, if your goal is to date the elite 2%, then your dating Adulty Friend Finder i do learn from my mistakes, i decided to be a little smarter about it this time around. Yes, there are alot of men who just” wanna get laid”, and are looking for a one night stand, its unfortuante for those that are really searching for someone that they can be compatible with. Its not that the personals dont work, yes they could improve their websites by extending the “free” period, because