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that’s ridiculous. eharmony has to have the capability to search the entire database and narrow it down to that which matches a persons criteria. Reviewed By HENRY Maryland Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 06, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony I get plenty of matches but they all seem to be animal right nuts!!! I mean, how many ‘horse trainers’ can there be in this world? I hunt, fish and pretty AdultFrinFinder Francais I should “settle” for something less than a close match since their entire focus is on matching people whose values, interests, and compatibility are CLOSE). I don’t drink and someone who drinks frequently is not a close match. I don’t smoke and don’t want someone who does. I maintain a regular exercise program including running at least 3 miles daily and I regularly enter various charity AdultFrinFinder Francais each match.. I will not be renewing anything with eharmony ever again. THIS IS A BIG JOKE, STAY AWAY FROM THIS DATING SITE., Head to POF, it’s free.. had more dates from there, and it’s FREE. Reviewed By Laura Philadelphia Sex Female Rating ***** Date December 04, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony If you are signing up for Eharmony, check for the box that says automatic renewal. If you don’t AdultFrinFinder Francais phone number to cancel. So mad at myself for not realizing the coded number on my statement wasn’t from the charge card company. A lesson learned the hard way; Hope I get it settled soon. Anyone successful in canceling theirs? Let me know how you did it. Reviewed By Melissa NYC Sex Female Rating ***** Date June 10, 2007 permalink Visit Random sounds like the site stalker that hounded AdultFrinFinder Francais in my emails and profile header and they do work to some extent, but that doesn’t change the fact that dateable women are in short supply on the internet! With this shortage of women the pace of online dating can’t be beat in the terms of lameness. If you wan’t to meet women, then I suggest hanging out at a resturant lounge, and I don’t mean Denny’s. About the only type of guy I would recommend