over 400 questions about almost everything under the sun, I received a message stating that eharmony would not be able to match me due to my answers… I am just a normal, down-to-earth, go- to- work everyday black female looking for love, and I answered the questions as such. I don’t worship the devil,I’m not a lesbian or bisexual. But somehow, my personality was too unique to be matched AdultFrinendFinder Oh, I could go on and on, but I’ll just add one more thing. In addition to other questions, eHarmony’s profiles will ask you to list items that you can’t live without. I always disregarded the men who listed “sex” as one of the items that they couldn’t live without. Yes, we’re all adults here, but if you’re on eHarmony, trying to get a date, don’t you think that listing “sex” as something AdultFrinendFinder matches: 958 (includes a 1 or 2 month stint in 2007) closed matches: 710 of them closed either by me or them. I have no problem with people closing me or vice versa. I am one of those people who either attempts to communicate with or else closes every single match (while I am active.) Only 15 of these people did I get past the introduction stage with anyways. Currently open matches: 248. AdultFrinendFinder dating service that’s worked for me at all. Over the past 6 months here are my results; OKCupid (3 months, a couple conversations, but no dates), (3 months, zero! No replies, no dates), JDate (2 months, a couple conversations, dated one woman), eHarmony (3 months, multiple conversations, dates with 5 different women, all impressive. Still seeing the last woman.) eHarmony seems AdultFrinendFinder to see pictures read their bio’s and choose for myself who I wanted to respond to. This was much better and a fraction of the cost and of my time. I did go out with a few turkeys and a few that thought I was the turkey, I also found some that although we are not matched we have remained friends. Then in Oct 2005 I saw a picture of Greg and thought hmmmm- not bad, not bad at all. I e-mailed