draining. Reviewed By Kim California Sex Female Rating ***** Date March 08, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony This has to be one of the worse dating sites out there. This is nothing more than a warning to potential eharmony users, whatever you do DO NOT GIVE THEM A CREDIT CARD. I have been trying for three months to cancel my subscription and still haven’t been successful. eHarmony is a scam, not to be matched with drinkers then I get no matches. I don’t have kids and don’t want them but if I choose not to be matched with anyone that hase no kids or kids under 18 I get no matches. They say to change my match criteria to include drinkers and women with little kids then I would get more matches. The fact they would all be wrong for me doesn’t seem to make any difference to them. Over 100 million women in America and NONE are a match? Gee that’s encouraging! Thanks e-Harmony. I am finished with you and your endless fraud. Fortunately, you never got a dime out of me. Reviewed By beth Utah Sex Female Rating ***** Date December 10, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony The 10 day free trial is a joke. Communications are restricted, emails just disappear (because they are not likely to meet anyone there. I also know a number of women who’ve married someone from meeting them online. Anyway, I went on dates from the other sites but they went nowhere and EH just suckered me in b/c I initially thought they’d provide better quality of men. No one really reached out to me like that on EH and the few times I reached out to others–no surprise–no response. However, into it. I have to say, I did find the woman of my dreams. We are completely on the same page together. When I was looking over the personnals, I skipped over “catchy” phases, and tired old cliches, I read a lot of ads before I found a couple I was interested in. The ones I looked the woman sounded real and sincere. The ad I posted was honest and completely me. Be yourself, that is what