to communicate which I am a hundred percent certain I didn’t receive. They’ll send the person an email letting them know that I never received the request … right. In reviewing the match the rep is like ‘ohh you made it all the way through this stage’. Yeah, duh, why do you think I’m calling to complain about it? I really would have liked to communicate with that person! I can understand Visit eHarmony I just signed up again with EHarmony, hoping that just one lady will return my emails. What I have learned in the past is that many of the women (in Indiana anyhow) have an inflated view of themselves. Many are significantly overweight, are lacking in the attractiveness category, have meaningless jobs, are not well educated, and have a grudge against men. I may not be a prize, in IL/STL that are health oriented 25-40 mail me. lol Eharmony is a scam, they want my 45 bucks and give no bonafide matches…ZERO…NONE! What a scam they have going, Bernie Madeoff must be running this site! 99% and most likely ALL are NON-active Ghost members to entice fools into joining. Paying members cant contact anyone who is not? So what am I paying for again?? Oh yeah so I can several of these gentlemen either a) can’t spell or use correct grammar or b) all of a) plus a lack of knowledge about spell check. How on earth can eHarmony think that I would be interested in someone who is barely comprehensible on paper when they know SO MUCH about me?!? All the ranting and raving aside, do your homework and don’t sign up for something like this unless you know what you’re only regret is that I signed up for 3 months of Yahoo Personals and only really needed 1 day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing a place for people to get to know each other. Your service eliminates the first 6 weeks of dating because you already know a lot about the person when you meet them! I found it a completely safe way to learn about people, and if you are as cautious