match settings ladies or else you’ll be matched with men up to ten years older and ONLY two years younger. What if your match is THREE years younger than you? You’ll miss him!! I put on my profile that I am not interested in a man who has already been married or who has children. I’m not able to filter them out. Eharmony only allows you to select if you’re willing to be matched with someone AdultFrinendFinder. just flush it down the toilet you will have as much luck as finding the man of your dreams trying to flush it out than you will on EHarmony. I am giving one star because 0 is not an option Reviewed By SandyD Houston, TX Sex Female Rating ***** Date June 01, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony If I could give a negative star, I would. My year on eHarmony was a waste of money–and time. They matched AdultFrinendFinder. I am an attractive woman who has current photos that are good – they were professionally done. I am well-educated, successful professional. I have had no problems on other websites getting dates at all. However, I fell for the “special” screening that eHarmony does, so I thought that might give me an edge that other sites did not, in matching me with someone whose personality supposedly AdultFrinendFinder. many with no picture. I had wanted to increase the people available to me as part of a dating pool, but have to say that as a highly desirable female, I had a laughable at best experience with EHARM. I did meet someone that old fashioned way and we are still dating. Reviewed By Liv TX Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 26, 2012 permalink Visit eHarmony I, too, got taken in by eharmony’s AdultFrinendFinder. Rating ***** Date December 25, 2006 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals Recently divorced, I figured that at my age, I would have a hard time meeting someone to share my life with. After much soul-searching, I decided to sign up for Yahoo Personals on June 11, 2006. I submitted my profile and a photo, and set up my dating criteria. I had 19 “must haves” and it was suggested that if I broadened