02, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony Apparently I’m some sort of bizarre mutant with nothing in common with the rest of humanity since eHarmony cannot find a single match for me…well all I have to say is “I am NOT an ANIMAL…I AM A MAN!”…oh well, back to the bell tower!!. Reviewed By Ms. Thing Austin, Texas Sex Female Rating ***** Date March 31, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony After answering AdultFrinedFinder of crazy if this sort of monitoring were actually done. And what gets me is that not only was that crap NOT reviewed, it was sent to me – and probably other women as well – as a potential match! Throwing aside the fact that for about 30 seconds it makes you feel bad about yourself and your dating abilities, it is both ridiculous and absurd that people get sent useless “matches” such as this. AdultFrinedFinder to use the service until Feb. but after that I will cancel. Reviewed By Joe Syracuse, NY Sex Male Rating ***** Date December 31, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony ZERO stars… what a bunch of shit! Luckily I got a 4 month deal for $29.85, so I only wasted $30… I am pissed about the 100-200 or so hours of my life that I wasted on this though. Here are the numbers… judge for yourself. total AdultFrinedFinder Old trick. How many people can they carry on scamming ? The number of fake profiles is unbelievable. On top of that scammers from Nigeria roam the dating site. Just google “love scam” and you see the amount of damage done to people’s lives. The subscription suks too. Reviewed By Rick Chicago Sex Male Rating ***** Date December 27, 2012 permalink Visit eHarmony eHarmony is the only online AdultFrinedFinder my friends said you need to get out – men just won’t come knock on your door. But I was busy with work, family and friends and time just went by. One day I tried an expensive on line matching that gave you what they thought matched your harmony. After three months of not being pleased enough with any of their selections to meet them; a friend said try Yahoo. Well this was much better I got