a woman that couldn’t survive without a hairdryer and stiletto heels? If you’re looking to shop around by photos and find someone that looks good on the surface and might be fun to date but don’t really care about a long term match you’re probably better off mentally and financially going to myspace or But if you’re really looking for true compatibility eharmony gives you just AdultFrindFinder a guy who owned a gun shop; a man who used his profile as a forum for complaining that all women were just out for money; a 32-year-old man who described books as “dope, lol!”; and a startlingly large number of men who were really overweight. Wow, eHarmony! I didn’t realize that I’d listed “viable employment,” “intelligence,” and “health” as things that were least important to me! I know AdultFrindFinder I responded to this email immediately, and incredibly, I got an auto-reply back saying they no longer accept emails at this address, or any other. All communication must be through their FAQ page. This is one messed up company, and I would advise anyone to never give them a penny. It’s also impossible to ever get off their email list. Reviewed By Kristine PA Sex Female Rating ***** Date AdultFrindFinder For the most part, you aren’t free to search for people as it’s controlled by the site. Don’t sign up with eharmony . At least the people on are communicating back and you can freely search for people. Don’t waste your money as you’ll be disappointed. Reviewed By chrissy chicago Sex Female Rating ***** Date December 29, 2012 permalink Visit eHarmony I’ve found on several occasions AdultFrindFinder between two states, two jobs, three teenagers, four properties (and a partridge in a pear tree.) 🙂 Jim travels to my town every other Friday, doing business on his cell phone as he drives, then spends a week with me. On the following Friday, he travels back to his (other) home in Chicago, where he spends the week with his two children. Every couple of months or so, I travel to see him and