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that. And actually there are quite a few attractive people on eharmony too (my perfect match is very attractive!), and the best part is that they are attractive AND compatible on many deeper issues. (values, family, religion, motivation, career, etc.) Eharmony isn’t going to be your savior and match you with someone “out of your league” that you couldn’t get on your own. Same dating standards AdultFrindFinder com that I sound like a total snob, but I want to make a few things clear. I don’t care if a man didn’t go to college – it’s not for everyone – as long as he has a job and works hard at it. But it has to be a job that produces a semi-decent salary – because after all, how else is he going to survive in this world – and line cook at a fast food joint isn’t going to do that. As for the gun shop AdultFrindFinder com January 02, 2011 permalink Visit eHarmony I wnet through the entire questionairre which kept refreshing the whole time so it took me over and hour and when I got to the end it said it could not match me because I selected separated at the very beginning. I heard of being rejected from online dating sites but I didn’t believe it until it just happened. This is not fair to do this to people AdultFrindFinder com on these dating sites that I’ll talk to a guy through email for a few days, then we exchange numbers, & everything seems to be going great. We talk a few times a day (or at least text a few times a day) & this will go on for about a week (or at least until it’s time for us to meet). The day we are suppose to meet in person, they cancel! This has happened to me SEVERAL times. & It’s always AdultFrindFinder com the arrangements is reversed. The relationship is loving, fun, exciting, fulfilling and lots of work. :)People are amazed that we are so compatible and always want to know how we met. Jim agrees that it seems to be a bit more difficult for men. He has said that it was rare to ever get an unsolicited letter from a female, and didn’t get many replies when HE would send a note. Yahoo Personals