The main difference between eHarmony and Yahoo and Match is that the guys seem to be way more serious about relationships. It’s time consuming and expensive, so it seems to weed out the non-serious guys. For that reason only, I recommend giving it a try. Reviewed By Eric Overton Sex Male Rating ***** Date April 08, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony It should be zero stars, but I digress . . AdultFrienFinder Male Rating ***** Date June 07, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony Eharmony is much worse than any other sites (which are already not very good anyway) because you only get what they give you, and there is no choice in who you want to communicate with. I am a slender to athletic guy, and handsome, yet I’m getting women who are fat and unattractive. I have always dated and been attracted to petite AdultFrienFinder in the process for it to work. Non payers don’t get the full experience. Just my 2 cents. Reviewed By kasey san francisco, ca Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 11, 2011 permalink Visit eHarmony I would give EHarmony less stars if I could…. They are rip-offs! First off, their website hasn’t changed in years, all they do is advertising to get people to join, and to encourage communication AdultFrienFinder I have been sent tons of matches from two different states and only a handful from my own state. The communication process is horrible. The “canned” questions and responses are way too much work before being able to start open communication. Out of 150 matches, in which I sent communication to, only 5 have responded. I am an attractive woman in her 30s just looking to meet a good guy. DO AdultFrienFinder (and I didn’t want to meet that person anyway.) Be proud of who you are! Even if you are a beast there is someone who may love that! Last, don’t think Yahoo Personals is going to solve your love problems. I hate those commercials that show tons of happy couples who fell in love online. They make it look so easy, but online dating is just as difficult as regular dating. It’s awkward and uncomfortable