Sign up for a month and if you don’t like it, cancel. If you do, cancel anyway, and then get the coupon so it’s cheaper. So… gamble away, but please realize it IS a gamble, and don’t blame eHarmony for its members. So does eHarmony really set you up with people who are compatible with you? I have no idea. I haven’t seen a difference between people I meet on the street and people from eHarmony. AdultFrienfdFinder matters. They told me that they were each others’ first match so initially my hopes were high. I was very embarrassed to start on eHarmony, and I kept it a secret for over a year. I filled out my profile completely, with several pictures of myself. I put a lot of effort into my profile, making it as honest and complete as I could. I have spent almost $200 in the 18 months I’ve been on the AdultFrienfdFinder pile! *sarcasm* However, it’s still not EH’s fault you can’t find someone. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not unsympathetic. I know it hurts to get rejected time and time again and to have matches ignore you. Like I said earlier, I’ve felt like a total troll at times. However, I can’t blame EH for that. Reviewed By Judy Florida Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 13, 2011 permalink Visit eHarmony AdultFrienfdFinder at best. Reviewed By Elizabeth Pittsburgh, PA Sex Female Rating ***** Date February 12, 2013 permalink Visit eHarmony Just as so many others have written, I really wish I had read the reviews of E-Harmony customers before I joined, and spent $500 for NOTHING. Their most important claim is that they send you only highly-compatible matches, but even that is not true: I would get matches with AdultFrienfdFinder Personals “failed” you. It just wasn’t for you. Heck I was aggitated I signed up for a year and didn’t use it after the 2nd month!! Stop whining that you can’t find someone. There is so much pressure to find “The One” these days that people consume their whole lives with it. If you are happy being alone, which I was when I started on Yahoo, then someone will be happy to be alone with you.