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permalink Visit eHarmony I first tried to fill out the profile for Eharmony a couple of years ago and they actually rejected me. I was kind of surprised and I thought nothing about doing it again until recently. I went ahead and filled out a new profile and it was accepted. I had the profile up for about a week and I decide to take the plunge and pay the sixty dollars. I have been doing AdultFrienedFinder login to turn off the automatic renew switch. I was obviously automatically renewed and charged money even when I had informed eharmony by email that I did not want their service, did not want to renew and wanted a refund for the renewal charge they had taken. I was not past my renewal date. I informed them on the day of the proposed renewal. They had already charged me for a renewal, they will AdultFrienedFinder login true matches they don’t match my profile at all. They don’t respond or are to old or too…. E H is just like match and all the others dating companies making promises they can’t keep. Don’t waste your time and money. Reviewed By NewYorker NY, NY Sex Female Rating ***** Date August 25, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony DO NOT, I repeat, do not waste your money on eHarmony. They woo you into AdultFrienedFinder login a guy feel pretty good about himself. They just try to make it look like they have a deeper way to match people with their 29 dimensions of compatablity, which is a complete bunch of ridiculous psyco babble. I think we would have better luck being matched based on bowel habits and urination frequency. Dr. Neil Clark Warren is one of the greatest scam artists of all time! Reviewed By smy AdultFrienedFinder login can you meet someone when these men refuse to give you a chance? They don’t respond to winks or friendly e.mails? When they do they always say they are dating someone and want to pursue that. Which then leads me to ask – why are they still looking at these websites if they have met someone??? I’m not ultra picky and I’m definately not a prima donna. I never have been and will never be. I