subscription expired and eharmony sent me a message saying he had elected to stop communicating with me. Of course, at that point it didn’t matter but I didn’t think it was very nice of them. Reviewed By Shannon California Sex Female Rating ***** Date April 09, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony I could give eHarmony 5 stars, since I met the person that I’m probably going to marry on it, but worm-hearted woman.” Another says that music is one of his “favorite thinks.” Most of my “matches” (I’ve got to keep putting that word in quotes because it makes me laugh to think of these duds as compatible) live quite a distance away and most are 40ish. I’m in my early thirties and don’t necessarily want to date a 40+ man. If you want to try eharmony, I highly recommend building a profile my age (mid-thirties) that used phrases like LOL and only wanted to date women 10-15 years younger (now that’s lots of laughs). If you are an educated women 35 or over chances are you will be disappointed with EHarmony. Yes ladies even 35 is considered too old for most of the men on EHarmony, this is why EHarmony matches us with senior citizens. EHarmony is not only a waste of money, but eScam. Reviewed By Mike M. California, MD Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 22, 2013 permalink Visit eHarmony I’d rate eHarmony as zero stars if possible. Their vaunted matching system doesn’t work. I wasted several years, contacted over 500 women…and got ONE date. At least half of the introductions were to people 3-4 hours drive away, and perhaps one in twenty less than 50 miles away. We met in person about a week or 2 after emails and phone calls, and have been practically inseparable ever since. In fact we are now engaged and planning a wedding this April 2007. Reviewed By karyn MS Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 11, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals Yahoo! was wonderful! It was so easy to navigate and view profile. I was apprenhsive at first but figured I’d