fee. Considering that I had seven guys to pick from, it didn’t seem worth the $60 (or more if I join for multiple months). But I can’t tell these guys this. I have to put communication “on hold” and pick the most fitting multiple choice answer to explain why I wasn’t continuing communication.” –Again, you expect to use this service for free, and when you can’t, you call this a “flaw”? One AdultFriendrFinders false. PROCEED WITH CAUTION, if you are going to do this. Reviewed By susan md Sex Female Rating ***** Date June 29, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony Negative star!!! I have tried eharmony for a couple of times over the last few years, yes that’s right, years. Optimist, what can I say. I have had some success in going out with a few fellas but nothing has really worked out. I agree with a lot AdultFriendrFinders etc im from england and found that like most people that you were given matches from people who were out of your distance, however it didnt bother me too much as i received pleanty matches in my area too. i do agree that a lot of people just join for the free weekened communication however i dont feel that this is e harmonys fault. Another point id like to make, a lot of people talk about AdultFriendrFinders names of 2 of the matches that were terminated after I filed a complaint. The person went as far as allegding that they got the information from someone who worked at e-harmony.The person is working with them it was said. Bearing in mind e-harmony is located in north america and I live in the eastern caribbean. There is the issue of cancellation after the 3 days even though you have gone AdultFriendrFinders common “dating” sense. I’m a pretty polite person, so I responded to EVERY single conversation starter that crossed my mailbox, most with a personal note (not canned response) even if it was a “thanks, but I don’t think we’re a good match.” And there were A LOT of mis-hits the first couple weeks, but I also started great conversations with some great guys, many of whom I would have considered