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of the reasons they don’t let people merely respond is because if you indeed are duping the personality test, you probably WON’T pay the hefty price to join. It keeps freaks like you OUT of the system. Even in Match and Yahoo Personals you can’t “freely” communicate without paying! You’re living in lala land if you think you “should” be able to response for free. As for the 30 mile range, AdultFriendrFinders login of the negative responses posted previously. And eharmony has been a waste of money; this will be the last time. Each time the responses have been getting worse, either they don’t respond, don’t have a picture, or communication starts then they stop, I assume there is a huge vortex sucking down all the men I communicate with… be careful… I have yet to have someone who didn’t post a picture AdultFriendrFinders login being so great and good looking, having lots of money and having a fantastic job and complained when they were matched with people who were on minimum wage or unemployed, if this bothers you then maybe you should go else where because there is more to people than their looks, money, and job! if you are so high class then join a dating site for high class people becuase i certainly wouldnt AdultFriendrFinders login through a difficult time with a match(es) who are scammers and feel you don’t need to continue. You have to stuck out the time subcribed without a refund. Whether persons are willfully coming on the sites to get back at someone or its just their evil nature. Please subscribers do look out for your own safety and happines. You are in control of your destiny. There is much more good in the AdultFriendrFinders login going on a “real” date with. And, I did go on first and sometimes second dates with less than a handful of guys after just a couple weeks of conversation, before I hit the jackpot. I went on one first date, and that turned into being with the man of dreams. In essence, I found my diamond in the rough! Of course, it helps to know what you want, what you don’t want, and what you are willing