partner. One “almost-a-date”, asked me what I am wearing even before he met me and that I look “hot”. The other wanted to know whether I do premarital sex. One date wanted to sleep with me on the first date. One asked me out for Saturday night, a second date, and then I never heard back from him again. Yet another was very attracted to me, asked me out again, and then chickened out saying AdultFriendrFinder to where ever my man was so I looked at where they were living and whether I could really see myself living there. I was open to anywhere in US and Canada. There were very few places after researching on the web that I would not move. 2. Under “Five things I can’t live without…” I had to close if they mentioned cats. I have an allergy to cats and would never expect anyone to give up these AdultFriendrFinder love after i had my daughter. further more i am always gonna be shy and unable to get anywhere in life because of these 18 (so far) years of being mentally abused by my selfish, evil mother. when i have done nothing but stick by her, help her, and take her sh!t all my life. sometimes i wonder why i even try to find someone, all i do is kiss ppls butts and always get treated like some stupid AdultFriendrFinder what will be 2 years next month and I couldn’t have found him on my own. We weren’t in the same city, but of course now are. I think if you’re skeptical, what can giving it a try hurt? I was obviously no good at finding someone on my own. I was a loser magnet as I’m sure you’ve heard before. If you don’t want to take the time to honestly answer a long list of questions that are really going AdultFriendrFinder never have met him had I not signed up for on line dating. I am grateful. Reviewed By Terry Brisbane Australia Sex Male Rating ***** Date January 23, 2007 permalink Visit Yahoo! Personals Hello i was very unshore about putting my details on a personal web site as you here of all these one that get used and they are not the person you see on photos so I desided to put one on and see if there