joining, but after reading everything here AND taking my own experience into consideration, I realized it’s not worth the money.” –Ok, you SHOULD NOT be commenting this service if you NEVER even joined to experience its full features! “See, I just did their questionnaire to see what makes them so special since that doctor in the TV ads sure wants me to think that they’re special. Well, artistic side, yet none of the men they matched me with were anything close. I only got to open communication with one guy but I was so turned off by his too-much-information emails that I closed the match. The week that my membership was set to expire was unusual because I suddenly started receiving a lot more matches. One of the matches sent during the final week seemed to be another fake Reviewed By clay florida Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 08, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony listen folks don’t bother with this site its as big a scam as all the rest of these sites. remember these are not public service sites they are in this to make money and that is the bottom line, that they make money. yea right, they have big TV ads telling of a free weekend chance to meet someone, I have had in the past here. Not much security measures in place to protect subscribers even though the security measures was updated recently there is still room for improvement, much improvement. When evil men and women can come on a site and put up fake profiles and misleads there is much to talk about. Some subscribers has even put up more than one profiles using different names but did he contact me once, but he contacted me again and again and again. I new he was the one for me. Brett and I met face to face in Fort Walton Beach Florida for the first time on January 17,2007. Thats when I finally got to see him in person. I was impressed. Brett and I talked online for about a week before actually coming together to meet each other. We exchanged phone numbers online