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and they do want to take your money, but they do provide a service, so that’s reasonable. And you will get matches, and some of them may not be people that you see yourself with, and some of them will be. Whoever is picking these matches can’t possibly know exactly what you want or need because they don’t know you. But they can give you options, which is their job and the rest is up to you. AdultFriendrFinder es By Joan McMahon Cape May NJ Sex Female Rating ***** Date April 19, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony I give eharmony a one star because there is no option for zero stars. eharmony is after you money and nothing else. Profit is their bottom line. I subscribed on a Sunday, paid $110 from my debit card. On Tuesday – 2 days later – I emailed and called eharmony asking for a refund because I changed AdultFriendrFinder es women based upon faith, values, and politics to me than in the past. The cost is okay too. I am happy with the service at this point, but perhaps my 29 dimensions are more common than others; they told my divorced friend he was not eligible for their service and would receive few matches. He took the test several months later and was denied as well, so they must not be entirely about money AdultFriendrFinder es it! Reviewed By Patrick Sunnyvale, CA Sex Male Rating ***** Date May 12, 2013 permalink Visit eHarmony One reviewer wrote: “was more like sending messages into a black hole.” Here’s why. Inactive users are exploited as “shills”. Once they give up on the service and move on, their profile remains active. This gives the impression that there are vastly more users than there really are. They AdultFriendrFinder es he was cute (yes, HE had a picture!) 🙂 and wrote well, but because there was also a commitment to “write a reply to anyone who sends a note.” Based on that promise, it was easy to craft a (somewhat):) witty flirtatious missive and I eagerly waited the promised message. Two days later, I received a long, funny, intelligent and informative (wow!) letter in my mailbox. A flurry of notes and