men during this time frame. I’m lucky enough to have a new date at least once a week. No complaints on that front. I’ve met 40 men I probably wouldn’t have met if not for eharmony. My overall experience is the following…. most of them have wanted immediate sex (first date at least 80% of the time – no exaggeration). Some threw a fit when I wouldn’t put out. Others walked when I said I AdultFriendFinder yet they charge just the same. A 40 year old male friend gets many, many inquiries, and back and forth communication. I sent a suggestion for the correction (that they say they want to make) and can’t get a resonse. The other problem was when I tried to disconnect from them charging my credit card for extra months after the three initial ones were up. I couldn’t find a way through the maze AdultFriendFinder if not all the profiles were non subscribers or unreal to begin with. Luckily I signed up via papal for three months and was able to cancel via papal my contract with e harmony after two weeks. So if your gonna try it do papal. Reviewed By Heather Narod Vancouver Sex Female Rating ***** Date October 15, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony I attempted to get on this site but somehow I must have AdultFriendFinder etc. Reviewed By steve manchester,uk Sex Male Rating ***** Date November 20, 2011 permalink Visit eHarmony That information is incorrect – an non paying subscriber CAN close a match. What a non paying subscriber is unable to do is:- a) view profile photos (except their own). b) re-open a ‘match’ which they have previously ‘closed’ where the other site hasn’t yet clicked on ‘close’. c) Guided AdultFriendFinder who is active can write you back. It’s growing like a weed, especially in Canada where it originated. It tells you how long since the profile was active. Never, ever pay for an internet dating website. The most results came from free websites as anybody who is active is writing to people. Most people on pay sites are inactive. Most of them never bought a membership. The profiles are kept