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understand anyone being hesitant on putting their future in the hands of an internet dating site. However, what she told me after this was a real eye opener, and I still continued to date her thinking that I could get through to her. So back to our 2nd date..when I asked Andrea why if she wasn’t “looking for the love of her life” would she continue to use Eharmony (a site supposedly their AdultFriend Finder to the Dr. Crappy that always hypes up each and every match that you get and assures you that you’re right for each other and should give a second look at them even if you wouldn’t be attracted to them in pitch dark at your weakest “i-wish-i-had-a-man” moment. One thing this site will do to you is lower your standards. I’m a pretty tall girl (5’8″), fairly attractive, 25 y.o., got my life AdultFriend Finder I guess like they say, it will happen… the way the two dates I did go on…well, this will take too long…Have fun…… Reviewed By dan tampa Sex Male Rating ***** Date July 10, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony I lived in Charlotte. The dating there is bad to begin with. News flash to people who live in certain cities- if the dating isn’t good, if you don’t frequently see attractive AdultFriend Finder I feel they hand people a lot of gemmicks, and sort of “reel them in,” hoping that they will forget how expensive it is, and stay on the site. First of all, there was absolutely nothing “Free” about my experience. Yes, I had put a profile on E-Harmony before, just wanting to try it…but that profile had been inactive for over two years. When I rejoined the site (believing that I wouldn’t AdultFriend Finder just go ahead and check them out if my point isn’t already obvious. The truth of the matter is that all of these online dating sites provide relatively the same customer experience – that’s why we’re writing these reviews, right? And, everyone would agree that these sites do a decent job at what they’re “supposed” to do – provide a means to at least contact other single people. Unfortunately,