FYI, I have received about 185 matches in the past month, closed/got closed on about half, and am in various stages of communication with about 10-15 (some contacted me, others I contacted), hoping that maybe a few pan out. This seems to be about in line with ratios that others are reporting. I have not yet gone on dates, due to a recent family emergency which put things on hold for the AdultFrien but I would assume that in the future someday a class action suit will arise about false matching. Even the cities within the mileage radius selection are incorrect. eharmony sucks, don’t waste your money. Reviewed By Ali wish it were philly Sex Female Rating ***** Date June 14, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony Thank you, Fred, from Philly who wrote the following review AdultFrien wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend online. It happens, but as far as I can see, rarely…You wait for responses that never come..I am 56, I have a great profile, great pics, still athletic, dance, good profession, and it feels like ghost town. I did not lie about my age, but I am figuring the men my age want woman in their 30’s. I must admit I am from the old school and I don’t contact AdultFrien some made up theory. I was a paying member for a month. 98% of the matches I got I closed on immediate contact (besides the point, but their “matching” system is terrible). You can look at a match, but you CANNOT BEGIN THE GUIDED COMMUNICATION OR CLOSE A MATCH UNLESS YOU ARE A PAYING MEMBER. When I went to my archived or closed matches at the end of the month, 90% of the matches I closed AdultFrien out, we knew each other from several years before. We briefly worked together for a few months. I was skeptical at first thinking he contrived his profile to fit mine, but now that we’ve been together, it’s all very true and we are a perfect fit. I told Yahoo that I didn’t ever think I’d find “the” man at their Anyway, I did join Yahoo for one month when Jim emailed me. It can