initiated me}He even sent me an email on Christmas day, that ssounds like someone whos interested Right? well I never heard from him again. I’ve been on one date. The man I went on a date with must have posted a picture from 10 years ago because he looked older than my father! Most of my matches were between the ages of 50-54 not what I want. Most had pics of them with there angel grandchildren. AdultFrenFinder in over a week, although I’ll be curious to see if I’m given a fresh batch to look at as my expiration date nears. (Keeping in mind that half of them will be inactive members…) So, Abbie… tell me again how the odds are stacked against the women. I am convinced that the women eHarmony matched me with were not at all serious about the process. Or they signed up and as they started to interact AdultFrenFinder well, but when you have a group of good looking people taking a stand, it adds total legitimacy to all the obvious scam complaints. I am a good looking guy, and would encourage other good looking women and men to contact me at (yes my e-mail is weird, but I am protecting my identity) to see what we can do about this. I’ve been overloaded with women I’m not interested AdultFrenFinder had about 50 matches sent to me and communication from about 5. None of the others have communicated or closed me out as a match, so it’s obvious that they are not active members. They are just a bunch of bogus profiles stored in the eHarmony system. Now the few matches I’ve had contact with are nice enough guys but really don’t meet the criteria I specified. And I’ve had nothing but technical AdultFrenFinder the info and try it out….I did and here’s the deal…FIRST OF ALL…Feel free to contact me if you don’t think this is real!…what a crock for people to scream “fake”…you are probably the same guys who don’t know when anyone “fakes” anything!…..Moving on, yes, I didn’t have rosy, wonderful experiences with every guy…I had to contact Yahoo personals once cuz a guy put a naked pic