correspondence with a number of people. Really embarrassing and unprofessional. No explanation. Steer clear. Reviewed By Bill The Northeast Sex Male Rating ***** Date January 23, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony The only reason I can give the service one star is that the system did provide me some matches, and I am communicating with a person now. However, the interface provides no way of knowing AdultFr with some of them, we clearly had little in common. I’m not even upset that my matches eventually ended communication with me – it was bound to happen. My annoyance is really with eHarmony for hooking me up with people who clearly had little in common with me. Even more annoyingly, I was displeased to find that while I checked the site daily there were only a 3 or 4 days where eHarmony was AdultFr “soul mate” through this venue, but no such luck. Unhappy grandma. Reviewed By John Kansas City Sex Male Rating ***** Date July 27, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony I read all the negative reviews and I agree with most of the comments. I think there are more women on the site than men as my ex-girlfriend is on there too and I get a lot more matches than she does. She does get matches from guys AdultFr came back to the site, or was last a member 6 months ago. What a rip-off. The matching ( and not choosing what YOU know what you want) and the not knowing when someone last logged in, these are basic things that the site totally screwed up. I recommend MUCH better than this rip-off. Reviewed By MattWalsh Colorado, USA Sex Male Rating ***** Date January 16, 2012 permalink Visit AdultFr idea). Don’t be liberal with your personal information. If you feel you have really clicked with someone and are comfortable with it, talk on the phone. If that goes well and you want to meet, be sure to drive your own vehicle, and meet at a public place. If that goes well, eventually you can begin giving out more personal information, such as where you live. But take your time to get to