picture” for free, instead of a complicated test, expensive marketing, and a nominal fee. Reviewed By S Wash, DC Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 27, 2007 permalink Visit eHarmony I agree with many of the other comments about the matching process. eHarmony was just too clinical for me – I cancelled after the week free trial. 2 complaints about cancellation: first, to get a refund, I AdultFindler level….mine have been! eHarmony jus narrows the field so you have a better chance of actually having a great relationship when you meet someone that you have chemistry with! I guess if I was a liar and a thief I would not care who they match me with, but as a responsible, moral, ethical, high energy person I do not want to be matched with just anyone! Reviewed By Uncle Fester Phoenix Sex AdultFindler Female Rating ***** Date July 27, 2010 permalink Visit eHarmony I got drawn in for a 2nd time and regret it. I was very disappointed in the quality and quantity of “matches”. I don’t want to travel 100+ miles to date someone. I consider myself an attractive woman….but oh what they sent me. If you want to slide into a great depression and start having low self-image, internet dating is AdultFindler but this is after newcomers spend about two hours answering online questions, the time and dedication of which convince them to break down and pay the fee. If they don’t pay, they cannot see the photos—only the written data about each match. Moreover, a LARGE number of eharmony members choose to withhold their photos until communication progresses to a later stage. Obviously, this means AdultFindler to send a hundred of emails before he gets a response from a woman. The fact is there just aren’t enough women to go around on Yahoo Personals or any Internet personals website. Some men do find dates on Yahoo Personals but it’s a rare case that usually mixed with either luck or skill. For anyone, Yahoo Personals won’t work for you if you don’t understand the basics of attracting people.